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Hi guys! It's Marauder_Princess (also known as PhoenixFire625 on other sites)

Anyhoo, about me:

1. My actual name is Marie

2. I LOVE soccer and swimming. Those are the 2 best sports there are - no offense to other sports, but it's true. ;)

3. For those of you in the U.S. I would like to let you know - The Florida Gators are the best college team ever. Period.

4. These are the ships I support:

-Lily/James - My favorite, which should be fairly obvious to those of you who read my stories.

-Harry/Hermione - Okay, okay, I know. It's probably going to be Harry/Ginny (at least according to my brother) but I'm having a hard time letting go. I'll accept it eventually. *tear-tear*

-Sirius/OC - It's good to know he had a life before he went to Azkaban. As long as he's not paired w/Lily, I'm good. She is James'. Period.

-Ron/Hermione - I admit it - they might be kind of cute together... maybe...

-Remus/Tonks - I like this pair. Remus needs to stop being so worried and find somebody.

-Dumbledore/McGonagall - Okay, there aren't really any references to this, but wouldn't it be cute???

-Remus/OC - Since in my stories I make up my own charaacters for this, I am perfectly fine with it.

5. These are the ships that I DO NOT, and will NEVER support:

-Any slashes - I just don't go there, kay?

-Draco/Hermione - I do read these sometimes, but only to see how the author comes up with a way to get Draco with a muggleborn. I just don't see it happening.

-Peter/Anyone - That little rat (pardon the pun) doesn't deserve anyone. That's all there is to it.

-Snape/Anyone - Ditto with Peter's. It makes me sick when I see Snape/Hermione. Ewwww!

-Harry/Ginny - Like I said before, I know it'll probably happen... I'll accept it eventually.

-Harry/Luna - Who comes up with this stuff?

-Ron/Luna - Ditto the Harry/Luna.

-Cho/Anyone - What a little bitc- well, you know what I mean. And if you don't... maybe you shouldn't be on this site.

5. My favorite bands for the moment are:

-The All-American Rejects

-PANIC! At the Disco

-Amber Pacific

-Blink 182


-Green Day

-Hawthorne Heights


-Relient K

-The Academy Is...

-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

-The Sophomore Attempt (a new band in Florida - you should check them out!)

6. I think that's basically it... so, yeah. I hope I didn't insult anybody, and if I did, sorry, that's my opinion. Yup. Anyway, whoever you are, I hope you like my stories, and you better leave a review! (pretty please?)


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