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Who am I? I'm a High School Science Teacher in Southern West Virginia. I'm a devoted husband of my wife Stephanie. I'm an avid reader and slowly becoming an avid writer of fan fiction. I'm a dogmatic Harry/Ginny shipper, but I'm lenient on other ships. I think Ron/Hermione is canon but can enjoy Ron/Susan, Ron/Hannah, Ron/Luna, Hermione/Viktor, Hermione/Ernie, Hermione/Terry, and Hermione/Anthony. I like Neville Longbottom with Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, and Parvati Patil. I even enjoy a Draco Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson pairing. I'm a characterization snob, if Harry and Ginny don't behave in a manner in keeping with canon I hit the back button. I'm a RPG writer. I write a character in: which is a link to the Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG. Who am I? I'm all these things and more.


<i>Note for those of you wondering about <b>Harry Potter: Metamorphosis</b>... Chapter 6 is about 15% drafted. I know... I know slow going... while the entire story is more or less plotted some scenes are proving uncooperative to write.</i> 

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It is the summer after OotP and the Boy-Who-Lived has vanished only to reappear mysteriously eight weeks later with no memory of where he was or what has happened to him. It will be another trying year for Harry as he tries to sort out what happened to him during the summer and who is responsible.

Watch him struggle as mysterious new powers emerge as he tries to prepare for his inevitable confrontation with Lord Voldemort.

See him grow and mature from the angry boy who lost his godfather in OotP to a mature young man looking forward to a future filled with happiness, friends, and hopefully love.

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