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I'm just a normal 14-yr old girl who just happens to LOOOOOOVE Harry Potter and thinks that Renesmee's existence is absolutely absurd. Ha, that was so random, I bet y'all are going, "What in the world?!"

That's me, totally crazy and random. Well, anyway, apart from loving HP, I love the Irish group Westlife and I love soccer. And werewolves. I can't say especially Jacob, cos apparently he's just a shape-shifter. *shrug* Oh well, it was good whiles it lasted.

Gender: male

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Stories by RuiaLouise

Hogwarts has been turned into a haunted castle by the one supposed to protect it. No one knows how to stop the horror that is killing everyone that crosses its ferocious path. Can a bunch of fourth-years learn the horror's weakness and stop it...before it consumes the entire castle and its inhabitants?

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Genres: Angst
Warnings: Character Death, Dark Fiction, Strong Violence
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Updated: 03/01/2009; Published: 02/27/2009