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Hi I'm Ginny. I'm really excited about this because I am an avid Harry Potter fan and a converted Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione lover and I think fanfiction is really fun (dosen't everyone)! Of course my pen name is chosen after Perenelle Flamel, who's husband is Nicolas Flamel from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and really was a real person! I'm an American, but still like to use the word philosopher over sorcerer when it comes to the books. My favorite characters in the Harry Potter series are Neville and Snape, odd combination but they are my favorites, don't even ask me why because I will return your question with a shortessay length answer for each one. My first story is up so please read and review because I need some encuragement to keep writing! Even if you read it and think it is horrible please review 'cause it really helps to knowthat somebody has been reading! If you think it isn't horrible (or even if you do) please check for updates, and read my favorites 'cause they are all wonderful and worth the time to read (especially if you are a Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione-er!


I'm adding a list of annimals I think are misunderstood (I'm not that much of an enviormentalist but I practice Metta)

1. Sharks-The whole shark attack idea is so played up it's discusting.The media keeps using the idea over and over again that even if it was good the first time by now it is very old.A six year old boy is more likely to be killed in his ownliving room by pulling a TV on to his head than by getting attacked by a shark. They really are nice creatures. Plus theory in 7.

2. Sqrirrels- Many will argue thatsquirrels are deseise infested and throw nuts at passerby's but have you ever heard of an epidemic started by squirrels? Also If you are eating a nut up in a tree where are you supposed to put the shell? It isn't like they have trash cans up there, so woouldn't it make sense just to drop it and too bad if it hits someone, it's not going to do any brain damage.

3. Rats/ Mice/ Any other cut little rodent consitered a pest- Come on they are cute! Plus they have to eat to you know. Anyways if you did kill them all off then there would not be as many berry trees and bushes, pollination! Plus some people have theese as pets, not pests.

4. Skunks- They have to defend themselves too. We go around blowing things up and all they do is make you sit in tomato paste for a day, really their defense mechanism does no harm while owr's are really violent.

5. Bumblebees-Well I think the little insects are cute! When I think of bees I think of honey (which tastes really good) and Winnie the Pooh (what is scary about a stuffed animal bear). Plus if you try to squish them they just get agiteted and try to sting you, but only if you deserve it (well there are bad eggs in every species). If you do get stung it's not that big of a deal, unless you are allergetic to them (there is medicine for everything nowadays), tand you just steer clear of them and don't annoy them and you will be fine. God I hate it when people squash them.

6. Mountain Lions/ Tigers/ Lions/ Cheetahs/ All big cats- Also really cute! What is the chance you will ever meet a wild one unless it is your job, or you go looking for one? Plus we have killed alot of them., and we don't even use the recorces. At least if they kill it they eat it! How do you think they feel when we kill them just for the fun of it? Plus theory in 7.

7.Bears- Chance you will get eaten by a bear is what? Anyone who thinks this rate is high please go find a syciatrice!

8.Wolves/ Jackles/ Wild dogs in general-What happened to mands best friend? We call the canines our best friend but we dont even include the whole family, how cheap is that? From here on it is pretty much the same as 's 67.

9."Slimy" annimals/Snakes/Reptiles/ Anphibians- First of all snakes arn't slimy though many say so, and they just want to be left alone to live theor lifa as a recluse, withdrewn from society, but with all the comforts, that isn't to much to ask is it considering all people ask for during the holiday seasons. And Just because something is slimy dosn'tmean there is anything wrong with it, anyways slimyness feels very good.

10. Protists- First of all I'd like to point out that Protists are not bacteria, though many people call them the same thing. Anyways they are really fun to look at under the microscope. The Amoeba is my favorite because it looks cool but I also like how Euglena's move with their flagella and Volvox's are really pretty.And when we do put them under the microscope they die because they are squishedunder the cover slip and the light isso bright (certian protists can't stand light while others literally feed off it).So they are not dangerous to your health.

11. Mongooses- Mr. Milamber your story is great but what do you have against mongooses? Anyway there is a method to my madness. Mongooses kill snakes, right? Well, isn't Voldemort commonly associated with snakes? So being a mongoose animagus could possibly prove useful, especialy if Voldemort was an animagus of some sort of snake (which considering the amount of power he has, his human characteristics, and his obsession with snakes, seems actually possible if youthink about it), plus he can finish off Nagini. Does that make any sense?

Yeh, um, I'm not finished. Still got lots more to go but I'm trying to put them in cadegories to make it easier. Can you tell I'm doing this in the early hours of the morning?

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