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I believe canon is simply the way the author wanted the story to be told, not the only way. Since I like to read a wide variety of pairings, I tend to write the same.

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Chance To Get It Right by BDK [Young Teens]
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Harry Potter and Padma Patil cross paths at the Ministry’s New Year’s Celebration and find the potential for the something else.

Card Interpretation - Often, the Ace of Cups will predict the start of a relationship, one that is full of potential and may eventually lead to true love and happiness. But you must always remember that the Ace can show only potential, not the final result of a situation. If a relationship starts out well, it is up to the two people involved to keep it that way, and improve upon it in any possible manner. The Ace of Cups is not a guarantee of happiness, but a guarantee that you will have the chance to make happiness for yourself if you want to. If you want to develop an existing relationship, the Ace cannot help you.

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