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Real name: Zayne and Vic
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This is penname for the co-written fanfiction of two WT authors, Zayne and knightwhosaysni.

It all started with a chat complaining about SIYE, a comparison of a member in the chat to a balrog, another author who didn't remember LOTR because she had been pregnant at the time. This led to a dicussion about pregnant Balrogs, which eventually formed into a plotbunny and became our work-in-progress, Harry Potter and the Balrog of Doom (title pending), which should be finished sometime soon. And that is all :D
So says my most excellent counterpart. That was Zayne, the original Typo Slayer. I am Vic, the poor confused one that somehow twisted "I saw the balrog when pregnant" to "I saw a pregnant balrog". In case you all are wondering, the Balrog is the giant thing in the first and second LotR books, that Gandalf totally whips in the mines of Moria. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, rent the movies.

I'd finish my say-so the same way Zayne did, but I fear that you have not seen the last of us. Pray for your sanity.

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