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Well I am a 22 year old college student. I like writing fanfiction because I can not stand to see a story left unfinished. These are my interpretations of what COULD happen.


It's probably best if you consider all my work AU, I take liberties and tweak things. In my book 7 fics, *gasp* Harry always returns to Hogwarts. I tweak little things to make a story flow, not big things because I can.


My writing style is probably best described as both Serious and Funny. I like humor, everyone needs a little now and then. Likewise I think the HP universe is a Dark and Scary place. Bad things happen, people die, or worse... I like writing stories where people seek humor in the midst of horror, honor in the face of defeat, and a willingness to face what must be done. 

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Stories by The_Caitiff
A parody of the Independant!Harry starter plot. Manipulative Dumbles, A shopping trip, Knockturn Alley, a new trunk, and a time turner. Sounds like every other independant Harry fic right? Well then let's add Luna, shake and stir.

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