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Name: IssaLee. Well, not really, but although stalkers fascinate me it's only when they're stalking someone else. Besides, I am very much enamored by this penname, and if you squint hard enough, you can tell what my real name is. And call me Lee for short, or L-chan. I'm v.v. weird like that. And don't call me Issa--the only people who call me that are Eelie and Nikki-chan AND Mad. E, but they die on a daily basis so ~shrugs~.

Age: HAH! You almost had me with that one.Yar, peoples, still beink in mein teenink years, now. It's too much fun being double-digited with a one in the front to grow up.

Hobbies: Killing my younger brother, hanging out with mein pallies and crashing random parties, pranking EVERYONE (cuz y'all deserve it, don't lie) listening to muzak, and basically being a pain in the arse just because I can be.

Music I Like: Yowzah. I like everything! For example, at the moment I am listening to "The Ghost of You" by MCR, but in three sconds it'll end and I'll find a link to "Strawberry Fields Forever". I am very partial like that. The only thing I don't like is country, because it strikes me that most songs are about alcholism and love.

Movies: Underworld, still, and I'm waiting for ze sequel. Anything by Hayao Miyazaki--the man is a genius! Big Fish (Hah! Funny!) Sacry Movies 1, 2, and 3. Actually, anything that either makes me laugh really really hard or cry really hard.

Location: At my comp. In my house. Wooooooooosh. Didn't that one go over your head?

Books: Eh, Redwall series, Habibi, Harry Potter series (Durschintzle) Garth Nix (Which I only read because I thought Lirael was the coolest name EVER.) and other such things. Anything I don't fall asleep before I finish reading.

And Miscalleneous(sp?) info:


Hello, my beautiful verboot pallies! Let me tell you a little about my crazy self.

I love to speak in random languages, especially when I'm around adults or people I don't know. It throws them off, and because of this, I can say at least a sentence (or curse word) in nearly any and every language.

I LUFF to find obscure songs and bands and musicians, such as Rilo Kiley, The Pizzicato Five, and Cibo Matto. They're all actually pretty good, and I have especially fallen in love with LOONSDALE and The 88.

I like to make up words, thus luf, verbooter, durschnitzel, and other things which are usually variations on words. So conversations where I get bored usually go like this:

"Hey, Lee!"

"S'up, cool catticus?"


"Durschnitzel, I said halo."


"Hello. It's strictly verboten to speak about the play title, didja know?"

"Isn't that like, German?"

"Icht Nein, mein fuhrer, you've just heard le jolie Germanette."

And that, my friends, is me in a few words...go to my profile to see more!! I've got some fics there as well.

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Sonno by IssaLee [Young Teens]
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Draco's apartment is rendered unusable for a few days, and he ends up at Harry's. Is something developing? Or did it already? OneShot, HD Slash.

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