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I'm a young, Canberra-based author currently at work on the editing for her second published work. My first published novel was The Land of Bad Fantasy, published by Omnibus (an imprint of Scholastic). At the moment I have a fantasy trilogy for adults on the way, to be published by HarperCollins Voyager. The first book, The Dark Griffin, comes out in Australia and New Zealand in August 2009.

In between LoBF and Dark Griffin I honed my technical skills by writing fanfic. I've now retired from the fanficcing world, but after being invited to archive my old works here I decided to join up. Hope you guys like my stuff! It represents years of work and a lot of big changes in my own writing and life.

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From White to Black by Opifex [Mid Teens]
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The true history of Galbatorix. Where did he come from? What shaped him into the man he would become? Did he ever truly deserve to be the most hated man in Alagaesia?

The fic that made me famous, first posted years ago at Shurtugal Fan Fiction. This is the fic that made readers everywhere start to wonder - who should they really be rooting for?

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