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You know, I hate writing these things but here I go again.

For anyone out there interested I'm fifteen, male, born in 1990, and have been writing for many years now. Nothing published, but then it is early days. I predominantly write fantasy with brief stretches into sci-fi and, once whilst I was drunk, horror. Needless to say none of them have been roaring successes but I'm hoping to get some honest feedback from the fanfiction I'm writing.



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Stories by twilightauthor

It is with a heavy and burdened heart that Harry Potter begins his seventh year in the wizarding world. He begins it knowing that only he can end the Dark War, and free the world from the Dark Lord's oppression. Matt Tristan is a treasure hunter, and he's seeking a treasure that can't possibly exist. One of the last true outlaws, Matt believes it does. Fate sent both Harry and Matt down different paths, paths that will soon meet - will have to meet - if the world is to survive the coming storm... and escape the abyss that draws ever closer....

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