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Hello!  I'm Manic and she's Pandora, and together we are manic_panic!  We have been writing together for about two years now, and Midnight Grace is the first epic fan-fiction we have written.  It all started long ago in an RPG where we fell in love with our respective characters: mine being Thane, hers being Jo.  We hope you enjoy their tale of romance and intrigue as they accompany Draco through the trials and tribulations of being born into privilege in the House of Slytherin!

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Midnight Grace by manic_panic [Tantric Magic]
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Pansy Parkinson has watched and admired Draco for six years at Hogwarts, and despite Malfoy’s continued refusals, she has decided once and for all to make him hers.  Fueled by a fleeting glimpse of her dream (Draco escorting her to the Yule Ball their Fourth Year) and the fact Draco’s mother still talks to her, she has renewed her resolve and her desire shall not be deterred.  But, a new student at Hogwarts catches Draco Malfoy’s eye and he wastes no time in claiming what he desires.  How will she take the news that Draco is courting another?

Lucius Malfoy has been missing since the summer of Draco’s Fifth Year.  After nearly two years of waiting, the boy finally receives word from his father, but dark times lay ahead.  Nothing is what it seems and Draco must reach deep within himself to battle those he knows to be his enemies, but still appear loyal to the Dark Lord for fear of reprisals against him and his family.  Will he pass his greatest test?

In this story of romance, drama, and sometimes very dark tales of torture and sacrifice, we follow Draco through his Seventh Year at Hogwarts.  Here, we will meet his best friend, Thane Purefoy, and learn of his philandering ways and the dark secret he keeps.  We also meet the girl who threatens to bring the great Purefoy to his knees, Iosifina Constantinescu, an American transfer student with dark secrets of her own.  Together, along with Draco’s new love, Laelonatia Volusia, they muddle their way into adulthood, through the final rites of passage as they enter the cruel and dark wizarding world of Slytherin and the Dark Lord.


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