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Hi! I'm Emanuela, I'm 24 years old and I'm Italian. Actually, I'm a civil engineering student at Polytechnic of Milan, who is fighting to pass the last 4 exams and catch her degree. Of course, not an easy task... Apart from that, I think there aren't many things you'd like to know about me. I love travelling and I'm luck enough to have already seen a not-big-enough part of our beautiful world. I love photography and visual arts in general: I can spend weeks between museums, exhibits and everything that catches my attention. Another big passion of mine is music: classical, rock, epil methal... anything apart from house, techno and stuff similar. And I honestly think that I can't live without music... and I miss it terribly when I am not able to listen to it. Of coourse, I love writing, reading and even beta-editing if I can be useful for the author. Of course, since my evident lack of English skills, I generally help in the plot and background settings (but in Italian, I would be your nightmare about grammar, ortography and syntax) but I still love doing it. I think I'm open minded enough to read almost anything, it's enought that it is well written. As writer, I started as and original writer and I think that I'm still better at doing it. Lately, I started to write CH and HP fanfictions, even if the second one is keeping more busy at the moment, and I'm trying to translate my efforts into English with the help of Kagome and my awesom beta... you'll never know, maybe I can publish it sometimes ^_-. Last, two are the HB books that I love most: GoF and HBP... even if even PoA is a special one. Of course, there are a couple of JKR's choices I complain about, but still I think that the originaly and freshness of the story is still touchable, and that's the important thing.

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Tre visioni dello stesso mondo lottano per avere la meglio. Fiducia, testardaggine, costanza, lealtà... egoismo, passione e un briciolo di mistero sono gli ingredienti base per una storia che si snoda attraverso epoche e dimensioni. E la vittoria di una delle parti non è così scontata.
Avvertenza:La storia è nata prima della pubblicazione di HBP e, sebbene ci sarà qualche spoiler, in linea generale mi discosterò parecchio dal canon. Lettore avvisato...

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"Non sono altro che una ragazza dai capelli cespugliosi e so-tutto, Caposcuola e migliore amica di Harry Potter? Nessuno ha mai provato a guardare al di là di queste cose..." Queste parole diedero il via a tutto. (B/Hr)

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