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Angela and Briana have been friends for close to a decade now. Yes, it is TRUE! We met in the sandbox and...

Fine! We met in kinder...junior high? Arrrugh! FINEEE!

Okay, we're thirtysomethings! There' I said it. Are you HAPPY, Angela???

We met via a role playing game in another fandom. We quickly became good buds, realizing we held a joint fancy for naughty bunnies, sexy Aussies, and  writing. Over time, writing for RPGs turned to joint writing, and after a few  stalled efforts, we found that our writing together was pretty fun.

Then, life intruded in the form of our careers and personal lives taking widely divergent paths. When we got back in touch (all my bad!) , we realized that we had found another joint fandom--Harry Potter--and we were reading (and writing) stories featuring some of our favorite characters.

One thing led to another (as the Fixx told us--am I dating myself??) and last fall we began writing together. We'll be posting our first effort, which is well over 100K.

Angela works with children (those poor poor kids!) and Briana works in publishing. Ange is happily single, while Briana is married to her very own Aussie import.

 In our spare time (Ha! I made a funnnny!) we write as much as we can.

We're both introgued by the character of Hermione, we love us some Marauders, and we're the queens of twisting history on its ear.

Come take the ride with us. We promise we'll keep you entertained!

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Stories by DiagonAlleyGirls

A rock star meets a witch and their connection sets the entire wizarding world on its ear.…and puts them and their friends in potential danger.

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