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Ok so here's the bio.  hmm i'm not very much of a "talking about myself person" but i do know that i am a good writer.  Ha, yea, that does sound somewhat conceited, but get over it.  I'm a person tat says whats a-on their mind--many people dont like me because of this.  I say get over it or dont talk to me.  To this day this philosophy hasnt hindered my social skills, though i do expect to be hindered by it in the future.  I'm a guy (i'm making a generalization that most of the peoople that write fanfics are girls, and I personallyy think it's true).  Well look at me! Rambling.  though truth be told i dont think anyone will read this bio, but it's a matter of just writing this so my settings dont look so empty. :) Hmm i play soccer, and yea I am currently working on a story.  I'm have about six chapters, but the rest is still not finished.  I expect it to be a long story.  I will try to update every week or so, in order to be able to keep up with schoolwork as well as staying ahead at least six chapters.  haha.  well i hope that's it.  and i thank all my readers in advance; i sincerely hope i have readers when i post my story.  well im done. 




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