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Greetings, Humans! I come amongst you in peace and friendship, so that I may learn of your strange and alien culture. I find that literature can be a most effective form of entertainment, and thus, I have sought out the most prized literature of your entire species, and I have discovered this strange phenomenon that you Humans call "Harry Potter." The characters and plot intrigue me, and I have done my own research into Harry Potterism. Now that I have accumulated some knowledge, and added it to my mothership's databanks, I come to live amongst you Humans permanently, for Harry Potterism has deeply affected what you Humans would call my soul. Here, at this technological shrine to The Boy Who Lived, I wish to add my own analysis and conjecture on the story and characters, along with you all. As I adopt the Earth as my new home, I hope to make many friends from amidst you all, and that we may join together in happiness through the wonder that is Harry Potter.

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