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I'm a fan of the so-called minor characters--McGonagall (my fave), Neville, Luna, Fred and George, Angelina, Colin Creevey, Cho, etc.   

I love new takes on old relationships, though I have a real hard time reading slash (unless it's backed up by believable background, plot twists, and characterizations.)  I have no use for gratuitous violence.

 I also like well-fleshed-out, invented characters.  Grace HasVictory's Ariadne McDougal/Remus Lupin ship comes to mind, as does the character of Alexandra in Cheryl78's 'The Snake and the Eagle.' 

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Series by Spiderwort

This history follows Minerva McGonagall from a scarred childhood through her days as a student at Hogwarts and on into an uncertain future.  The Dark Wizard of the moment is Grindelwald, and he casts a shadow on her early years, much as Voldemort does later on Harry Potter's. Young Minerva involves herself with many characters from the HP universe, notably students Tom Riddle and Barty Crouch, Sr., Horace Slughorn, and of course, Albus Dumbledore. 

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