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Greek mythology nut! Woot! Currently doing a double major of Classical Studies and English Literature, with a minor in Deaf Studies, at Victoria Uni in Wellington, New Zealand. Member of the SCA, and enjoying every minute of it! Also, I have many useless talents, including being able to quote from any book/movie/dvd that I have ever seen or read. Comes in handy every now and then. : )

HP-wise, my favourite 'ships are L/J, R/Hr, H/G and RL/NT. Marauder era is my home. I love it. So far, I prefer Brisingr over Eragon, although all three are fantastic books. Can't wait for the fourth! LOTR-wise, Aragorn is my man, although Pippin does have his moments! : ) Love, love, love The Twilight Saga, although Edward really annoys me in New Moon. I'm totally on the Edward bandwagon. It's quite sad how much I'm on that wagon. *grins*

I love chatting to people about their stories or my own, so feel free to drop me and email or a message, especially if it's just for a natter. : ) Til whenever, Corryn.

To err is human, to arr! is pirate!

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