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Real name: Bill R. Wall
Member Since: 08/21/2005
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I'm a 51 year old, grey haired grandfather who is admittedly a kid-at-heart, I am primarily a Harry-Ginny shipper at heart who did the happy dance when they finally got together in HBP. I also confess to a fondness for Hermione-Ron ships as well, although I sometimes wonder if Hermione shouldn't chase Ron once and awhile.
My main promblem as a author is with improperly used Brit-isms, supid miss-spelling s such as except instead of accept, mourning instead of the correct morning and grammar. I have repeatly used the spell and grammar check function within Microsoft-word with little apparent effect.
I have stories posted at SIYE which I hope to get posted and betaed here so they are more readable.

Beta-reader: No

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