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I'm not sure what I'll do with The Modern Marauders. I know there's enough potential in that story, and I know I could easily write lots of chapters for that story, but I'm not sure whether I want to devote my time in that.

As for the plans for Still, they're pretty much finished, I only have to start writing. Every chapter should cover a lot of words, and I can promise you now that it will contain quite a few (at least to me) interesting things. Not sure whether I'm going for an R-rated fic, but assuming some of the stuff that will happen, it'll need the rating. And it would allow me to write about R-rated activities as well :-)

Still will probably be divided into two stories, though a third story is probable. Thus, the title will probably change as well. We'll see.

I've got a few other ideas, one of them is writing a Harry/Hermione fic, another is a "Harry under a Veela Curse", meaning that he'll end up with a lot of women, but will lose all of his male friends. Should be light stuff, and I'm not sure I can keep it under NC-17.

And if someone comes across a nice Harry/Luna fic, please forward it to me, the ship's become a bit of a favourite. And a decent Harry/Tonks fic should be nice as well.



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