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       My name is Krystal Yessire′ Rivera Peña Limardo Medina Albino!I have a very long name...Anyway,I'm a huge Harry/Ginny fan,but love a little Ron/hermione every now and then. Sorry I haven't updated but my computer broke down I haven't been able to get a new one...:( I hope to be able to write more stories in the future...

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Series by littlesphinx

This story takes place after the defeat of Voldemort in 1999. It will contain some flashbacks to help the reader understand the story better but still give some mystery to it. Anyway, the plot of the story is that after Harry defeated Voldemort, he wasn't the same person anymore; something strange had happened to him and he couldn't control himself. So he runs away in to hiding, but still trying to help, he tries to use this curse of his for the greater good.

Harry struggles with his feelings for the one he loves but can no longer have! Will he leave her to move on with her life (thinking Harry died) or will he intervine? Come and find out!

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Genres: Angst
Warnings: Character Death