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I'm twenty nine years old, I'm Mexican and English is my second language. Reading and writing fanfiction is a great excuse to keep honing my skills. JK Rowling is my hero and I look out my window every day hoping to get my Hogwarts letter.

 I'm a teacher in Elementary School. When I am not working or doing stuff related to work I love to listen to music and read.

I ship H/G and R/T, but I will read any story as long as it's got a good plot and it's well written. Bad grammar and spelling mistakes thoroughly turn me off and I'll almost always stop reading a story on the spot because of that.

If what you've read so far hasn't made you run screaming in the opposite direction, feel free to stop by at any of my verbal dumpsters  blog/sites/thingies: Xanga, LJ or MySpace and friend me if it suits you.


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