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I am a 33 yo mom with a wonderful husband and 5 1/2 yo son, who left a big 4 accounting firm after 10 years there last year to start her own scrapbooking store.

I love all things Harry Potter and thoroughly enjoy the Wizardtales site!

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Harry and crew are taken off to live out the famous tale of Robin Hood. All involved will be in character and it will follow cannon. HG RHr POST HBP

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Updated: 02/11/2006; Published: 08/08/2005
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
*snicker* I am thoroughly enjoying reading the boys *and Luna* trying to learn survival skills. It's a stroke of genius having Luna be excellent at everything, and for having Ron & Harry recognize and appreciate Hermione and Ginny so much. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Well, it should be frusterating to them and instead I can imagine the two of them thnking "let's try and get better then"

Chapter 6: Chapter 5: Swimming With The Fishies
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That chapter was even better than I expected! You have Neville down to a "T", and his stumbling over the sentences and admonshing Hermione to give them in smaller bits was classic! I loved Ginny's reaction to everything as well. This story is just too funny! Great job!

Author's Response: It was great fun for me to write, most especially since Ginny was in the chapter. I can just see her doing that sort of thing.

Chapter 7: Chapter 6: Who Let Him Preach!?
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
*Snicker* I just love how you have Ginny walking all over Malferret and dominating him in this fic. It's just great! And we get Harry and Ginny together soon (hopefully) Yeah! Great job, Sarah!

Author's Response: Ginny has to be the boss, and the sword helps. I can see Malfoy enjoying the luxeries for a bit and forgetting all about learning to fight, although maybe he will in the end. Next chapter will be some fluff between Harry and Ginny.

Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Bears and Bruises
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
Her statement completely flummoxed him and he was so startled that he stopped suddenly to gaze up at her. Unfortunately he had just pushed past a branch and it swung back and knocked him on the back of the head. Harry yelled and fell to his knees. *snicker* I’m sorry, but that’s funny! Good for Hermione for admitting she got a fact wrong, and I love Harry’s reaction to it! LOL “Oh,” Harry replied and was disconcerted to realize that her words weren’t comforting but he refused to speculate on why. *huge grin* :) I bet I know why (sing song) Love it! Ginny turned towards him, an eyebrow raised. “You only think that because you can see my breasts.” / He went beet red, completely flustered and couldn’t find any way to argue with her or deny it. Busted! *snicker* I love this fic! Great chapter Sarah! I love the Harry/Ginny togetherness!!!

Author's Response: LOL thanks... this chapter was sooo much fun to write! I'm finding the post-HBP Harry a lot more interesting to mess with.

Chapter 9: Chapter 8: Walls Come Down
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
This was a great chapter, Sarah! I really like Snape's confession...that's just what I think about the fact and reasons behind Snape's murdering Dumbledore; I truly don't think he wanted to, but was on the side of the Light the whole time (no matter how much of a jerk he is). Nice twist how the plot is changing upon circumstances...very "Dumbledore-ish", if you know what I mean ;) Great chapter, I'm really looking forward to the next one. Hope your wrist is better soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm triyng to keep them in character, which makes the comedy hard, but I"m glad you enjoyed it :-)

Chapter 10: Chapter 9: Changes and Confusion
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
Dumbledore agreed to let Snape (or Draco, if he'd been able to do it) kill him because he thought he'd be in Harry's way? Hmmmm...interesting, very interesting, and something I hadn't thought of before. Great chapter, I hope the next one covers Harry's visit to Ginny. :D Great job!

Author's Response: It doesn't, I'm afraid. I've been told I'm dragging my feet but I will have Ginny relive a few moments of it during the archery contest. I'm still not sure what I think about Snape. This is one possibility and the best way to explore that (for me) is to write it out. The next story I write will go the other way, I think. I'm still not sure yet.

Chapter 11: Chapter 10: Oh To Be The Adult
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
SARAH! Evil cliffie!! Bad girl, bad! :D Otherwise, great chapter. I love Snape on his knees infront of Ginny asking her not to main Malfoy, Malfoy being twitchy in the box next to her, and I loooooooove the idea of Harry pouring out his heart to her that night. I hope you do an outtake or something of that scene, because I'd hate to miss it. Great job!

Author's Response: It's not that evil, I'm posting the next chapter today! Besides I doubt anyone could guess what the "crash" really was. No outtake but you'll have a lot of fluff in the next chapter. :-D

Chapter 12: Chapter 11: In Her Eyes
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
I Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! 2 chapters in one day, yippee!!! Great chapter, Sarah!

Author's Response: LOL Thanks.

Chapter 13: Chapter 12: From His View
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
“You know, we girls need to stick together against the boys. Otherwise anarchy and chaos would overwhelm this world.” Truer words have never been spoken, LOL! Wonderful chapter, as usual. I don't think it matters to me how you post the fight scenes; if I get confused I'll just read the previous chapter again. :)

Author's Response: LOL okay, well that's one way of going about it but I'm starting to feel like the worst slacker, so I'm going to write them all at once and post them. *sigh* Now I must find the time.

Chapter 15: Chapter 14: Through Her Eyes
Ginny and Harry are out of school and working for the Ministry. Harry is Ginny's best friend and... he's married with two step children. A story about the family and how Ginny plays into it all.

Just added the second part of chapter two. Somehow it didn't get copied. My fault. But it's fixed now so reread that chapter. Big missing moment added.

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Word count: 46346; Read Count: 7737; Completed: No

Updated: 06/20/2006; Published: 08/11/2005
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
Chapter 2 - This is such an interesting concept for a story! Great start, and I can't wait to see where you take it. I loved Harry and Ginny being called to Ron and Hermione's apartment for "loud noises." ROTFLMAO!!!!! I can so picture that happening, and H/G's reactions were perfect! I'm surprised they were able to Apparate, they were laughing so much. Great job!

Chapter 1: Chapter 1