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I'm more of a poet, but I do like to make up stories. I tend to try different writing styles and genres, so don't be surprise if my works have a totally different tones and styles from one another.

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Updated: 12/31/1969; Published: 12/31/1969
Reviewer: the nutty imp (Signed)
*lol* I didn't see that coming. You've set-off an intriguing start on this and the ending ... it just hits you like a pail of water ^_^. Somehow it got me laughing... maybe it's the irony of this :) Or imagining how they'll react when they wake up *giggle* it has plenty of comic potential.... ok I'm insane - ignore me ^_^.

Great drabble you've set the mood quite well and the action flows. You gave great descriptions of the events and leave aplenty for the reader's imagination.

Snow stops the background noise.

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Updated: 01/07/2006; Published: 01/07/2006
Reviewer: the nutty imp (Signed)
This drabble of yours gives such a rich imagery but at the same time multiple possibilities. Some of it are not even HP related. It's even possible that the subject is a animal being chased by a hunting party - like a deer or something. But since this is a HP fanfiction, I'd have to read it with an HP scenario in mind...

The girl could be someone being chased by death eaters or vice versa - a death eater being chased by Aurors.

It's a beautiful piece in a way it's universal since it can be used for plenty of situations. I think the way for me to describe this fic is that it tingles with silent power. Great drabble Ashley!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Miel! I agree that there are many non-HP related scenarios, some of which I had in mind while writing this drabble, however I did have a predominantly HP theme. A friend of mine read it as an escapee from a concentration camp during WWII, which surprised me, but it does work quite well. :)

Chapter 1: Silence is Frozen