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Hi. I'm a thirty-something mom with three young boys, and I'm thoroughly addicted to HP. I'm author to several oneshots as well as a sixth-year story titled Power of Emotion, and it's seventh year sequel - Curse of the Damned.

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This is a 7th year fic.  Love, mystery, heartache, adventure, Harry as he and his friends embark on a path that will not only lead him to the horcruxes but also to a battle that has been waiting for him for 17 years...

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Updated: 09/23/2006; Published: 07/28/2006
Reviewer: Melindaleo (Signed)

Nice job!  I love your interactions amongst the four, particularly the way Harry always looks to Ginny to figure out to deal with emotional situations. Its very endearing. I LOVED that the twins go to give the 'big brother' speech, and it's Harry they're worried about. What a completely different take and it's SO perfect. It just fits. I loved it.  Can you let the list know when you update? I have trouble with my alerts, and I'd like to follow.

One bit of contention - I absolutely DO believe that Hermione snogged Krum though ;)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for the review!!  I'm so glad you read it.  I will let the list know when I update.  I have a chappy going to my beta pretty quick here actually.  Also - my head agrees with you about Hermione snogging Krum but my heart hated it when I read it in HBP so I figured since this was my fic I would change that.  Half the fun I suppose :)

Chapter 5: Consequences