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I'm a retired mortgage banker and Harry Potter addict. I also have a fascination with my family's genealogy (see my website!) although that has slipped a little since I doscovered HP fan fiction.

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Reviews by Dave
Welcome to the world of S.S. Potter!
A Sixth Year Fic with all your favorite characters. Harry is hearing voices in his head that have nothing to do with Lord Voldemort. Hermione has spent part of the summer in Bulgaria, but will that be enough to spur Ron into telling her how he really feels? And what secret is Ginny hiding?

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Updated: 08/11/2005; Published: 06/23/2005
Reviewer: Dave (Signed)
Well! A great story. Your story inspired me to register here. One thing I noticed in the story that puzzles me; Harry learns that even Muggles have the ability to perform magic but their disbelief prevents them from doing so. If everyone has a magical core, what stops squibs from using magic? I know. I know. It's a nit-picking thing. But it did stop the flow of the story for me. I noticed a few spelling errors that were most likely typos (i.e., "Ginny" spelled as "Gnyy" in a couple of places. I really enjoy reading a long story like this that has a plot that hangs together for the entire story. There were no unexplained "plot jumps". (A plot jump [my term] is when something happens in the story with insufficient explanation within the story to explain WHY the thing happened.) I liked the way you developed your characterizations of Harry and Ginny's growth in logical progression from JKR's canon charactrers to your creations for this series. The only characterization weakness I noted (and this is my opinion only) is Harry's constant concern that killing Voldemort will make him a murderer. Harry's character in your stories has grown well beyond his juvenile focus. Given the atrocities commited and authorized by Voldemort and Harry's intimate knowledge of Voldemort, Harry should have no trouble realizing that killing Voldemort is the only way to prevent the deaths of tens of thousands more people. Voldemort is no longer human and thus killing him simply cannot be murder. Killing Voldemort is not even a moral issue. Voldemort's purpose is to gain total control over the world. He chose to accomplish that by creating an army dedicated to breaking things and killing people. At this point in the HP universe, the only way to stop him is to kill him and most rational people realize that. Certainly Dumbledor recognizes that which helps explain why he is teaching Harry the methods he needs to succeed. After all, Dumbledor had to do the same when he killed Grindewald. Thanks for a very enjoyable read. In my opinion, your story is one of the best pieces of fan fiction I've read in several months. I appreciate the effort you put into this. (I'm trying to write an HP story and I find it much more difficult to write a good story than to read one!) Oh, I also finally read your bio. No wonder your writing is professional quality. You ARE a professional writer!

Author's Response: I love writing, and I love Harry Potter. What else can I say? Thanks for reading!