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Post OotP. Harry must deal with the loss of his Godfather, Hogwarts gets a new Defense Professor with more than a few secrets, and Voldemort watches from the shadows, awaiting a moment to strike. Just a typical year for the Boy-Who-Lived, really...

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Updated: 07/18/2009; Published: 01/14/2006
Reviewer: Epeefencer (Signed)

Fair storyline, but I am so tired of needless, illogical and poorly written deaths. The scene where Xassie die was poorly written and illogical. It is a common flaw with many of tese stories by almost all authors. 2 highly magical people walk into a room and do nothing at all? Cut me a break! They are supposed to be her family but don't move at all when a known wnwmy is standing over their daughter/sister and just stand there? And Cassie just lays there watching the green light coming at her without trying to get out of the way / dodge the curse? Where is the victims survival instincts, will to live. I'm sorry I just find those types of scenes totally unrealistic. Just all in all poor writing.


But that is just my take on this type of scene. For the mmost part the story is well written, well thought out and entertaining.

Chapter 36: Aftermath