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Harry is hit by a spell during a fight at The Burrow and vanishes from the known Wizarding world. Waking up in a world and time not his own, he comes face to face with the greatest wizard ever known.

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Chapters: 11 Table of Contents Series: The Hallowquest Saga
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Updated: 06/13/2007; Published: 05/04/2005
Reviewer: Aishwarya (Signed)
Hey, great job so far. I came across this story before on so forgive me if I repeat reviews. Like I said, the story is very good. I think the next chapter should be dedicated to what happened to Harry and Ginny during the three weeks or so that they've been missing. Hoping to see an update soon

Author's Response: To be honest, most of the story will be dedicated to Harry & Ginny and what happens to them in the past.

I will have excerpts, cutaways, interludes, call them what you will, that will show what is happening in the current time though...

who knows, I may even put out some sidestories that show what is going on currently...

Chapter 4: Chapter 03