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Instead of peace and harmony, Voldemort's fall has created a world of uncertainty and chaos. The Death Eaters are dwindling, waging a hopeless battle without the Dark Lord to lead them. The Order is scattered and unalert. From the shadows, a new group of wizards is emerging. Without any apparent purpose, they are fighting a silent war, unknown to the public. When Ginny learns of their existence, she finds herself involuntarily pulled into their hidden world.

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Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery
Warnings: Mild Violence
Chapters: 25 Table of Contents Series: Through the Veil
Word count: 299748; Read Count: 41493; Completed: Yes

Updated: 06/01/2006; Published: 08/30/2005
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
Very mysterious... Can't wait to see where this will lead... Has loads of potential! Where does Harry fit in all this? Is he the black cloaked wizard? Or did he die, as Hermione seems to suggest? Or both, and he's just pretending to be dead? Uhmmm... Please update soon! :D Cathy

Chapter 1: The Incident at the Golden Gate
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
Uhhh too much mystery!! I want some answers!! Please!!! Great story, by the way, your style is amazing. Cathy

Chapter 2: An Uncomfortable Position
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
Uhmm, the plot is thickening! Loved this chapter, I like the way Ginny is turning out. I can't wait for more! Cathy

Chapter 3: A New Task
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
And the plot thickens!! I have a feeling I was right in my supposition that the thie was Harry? Wanna give me a clue? Pweety please? No? Okay then, i just have to keep reading then, right? Lol, anyway, love the chapter, your Ginny is turning out great! Can't wait for more, Cathy

Chapter 4: Bitterness and Betrayal
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
Wow, poor Ginny! She really is getting into a right mess... And she didn't even realize it before, lol. I love your story, I love how you never give us complete information, how we have to constantly try to feel in the blanks logically. Great work! Keep it up! Cathy

Chapter 6: Failed Negotiations
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
Oh geez, this is starting to really boggle my mind... I can't stop asking myself where Harry fits in this whole thing and my mind simply draws a blank. I suppose this means you are doing a great job at the mystery and suspence, but truth be told, I hate being in the dark!! Oh, only a small detail, this chapter had many expressions that repeated themselves (like chuckle right beside laugh), I suppose it's part of your writting process or maybe a beta job, but you should give your chapter a once over: sometimes it gets a bit confusing... Nice job, Cathy

Chapter 7: Uncomfortable Consequences
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
Wow, loads of action in this chapter, and still no answers... *pout* You said I'd have a few soon!! I'm dying of curiosity here!! However, I must admit, you're doing a wonderful job of keeping the suspence... A pity it's at the expense of your readers sanity, lol. Can't wait for more, Cathy

Chapter 8: Into the Fire
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
A kiss or two, uh? Nice! The poor girl needs a bit of fluff for a change. You know, get her heartbit upi for other reasons that fear and ansiety, lol. I'm in love with this story. I'm in love with your style. I'm in love with your Ginny. She's so very human! She actually has emotional responses to things, doesn't simply have all the right answers. It's amazing to read. I'm totally lost with Harry however... I can't wait to see some more of him, see just how much he changed after the war and roaming the globe. He was actually in Brazil, lol, you know I live there? Care to tell me what he did in my home country? Or is it totally irrelevant to the story? I'm starting to like Josef... Will he have a mojor role to play, or is he done? I'd think that with Ginny's new job (my isn't she rising fast in her career?) they will see more of each other. And more of Tarus soon, too? Maybe another trip to Romania, to finally see the pitch? Why does Tarus seem so certain that this war that is coming will have anything to do with the world cup? SImply because it's a huge gathering of wizards, or because there is something else? What do those guys want anyway?? *tries to find some meaning from the half clues spread in the story* And what's up with Hermione? Why is she going along with the guys at the DoM? She should know better, shouldn't she? The roles were reversed between her and ginny at the begining of the story after all... Please update soon! Oh, and sorry for the lack of review for the last chapter... Exams were driving me crazy, but they finished today, so I have to find ways to distract me until results come out And, as it turns out, fanfiction is better than television, and my brain can't handle books right now so... Here I am, lol. Cathy

Chapter 12: Too Many Secrets
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
Fluffy ending, that was nice. A kiss as you had promised, but not quite what I'd hoped, lol. Any more in the near future? I'm still more than a little confused about Tarus... What does he want? Why does he think that he can wait until the world cup before the battles begin? I love your Harry... He's serious and mature and grown up and not afraid to take responsabilities... The Order at the end, is that the Order of the Phoenix? It still exists? How does he know he can trust them? And what will happen Tursday, when he'll finally be able to talk to Hermione? Lol, loads of questions I really want answers too, so please update soon! Cathy

Chapter 13: A Mistaken Identity
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
WOW! I knew there was something shifty about Grigore... But you said a thousand times that he was good, so I had started believing you. Oh my... what I don't get, if I believe you when you say that Grigore doesn't lie, is why he thinks that Harry is the bad guy? But then, maybe what he thinks is that he can't win this war if he hasn't Harry... But if that's the case who will he be fighting, if he won't be fighting Harry, I mean? My god, I get more confused the more I think about it. So, the ring of gold finally made an appearence, huh? The thing around the second veil? what does it do? is it linked to the one in the DoM? Is that why Hermione is so involved with this whole story? Ahhhh! You gave us quite a few answers, but there are now simply a thousand more questions!! Maybe this ring is the reason the war is centered around Romania? But why wasn't something of the sort around the British veil? And the things Ginny heard, are they like the voices Harry heard in the fifth book? Does he hear them too? I always thought that it was Harry that did it... At thet gate I mean... But I never could understand _why_ he did it. Now it makes a bit more sense, if Charlie was part of the brotherhood, and he was trying to stop him taking the wand... and in the end it was a bit of an accident. Poor Harry! But why was Charlie trying to stop him?? And why is this wand so important? Isn't Voldemort as dead as Tarus thinks? Harry stole the wand to keep it from the brotherhood, right? But what does Tarus want with it?? I give up! Loved the chapter, amazing work. My favourite this far I think. Please post the next one soon! I'm dying here!! Cathy

Chapter 15: Behind the Veil