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The Recommended Story for April 2003, a repeat Top 5 Selection, &  the #1 most read story on 2004-06. Novel length. Harry/OC (meet the Elemental!) R/H. Lots of heartbreak, joy and the infinite sadness. Starts midway through 6th yr and ends when the characters are 20. Think you know Draco? Think again.
Genres: Romance, Angst, AU   

Novel is complete, sequel is half finished as of 10/10/06

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Angst
Warnings: Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse, Alternate Universe, Character Death, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sexual Situations
Chapters: 12 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 96587; Read Count: 6115; Completed: No

Updated: 09/25/2007; Published: 10/10/2006
Reviewer: AriesGirl (Signed)
Just read this from the beginning. Like that Draco was the first to show up at her door after her little song. Also the little mystery about Snape and Sara's mother. Albus seems happy that Harry and Sara havent consimated anything yet, and Harry seems happy about that fact too subconsiously. Also seems that Sara is beginning to realize she has more in common with Draco than Harry. Harry also seems to be coming to the same conclution. Like that you at last brought Ginny into the picture , if not just for a cameo part. I kept wondering through the first chapter what she thought of the whole Sara Harry thing. Now that I know, it fits. The girl is ticked off. Might like to see Sara try too hard to make nice nice with Ginny. Sara just might have a revolation about their relationships. who knows? Another thing I might have noticed that just might not be part of the story is that Sara has found a place for Harry to live, and a way to support himself, besides living with her and living off her wealth. (another subconsious act?) . Enjoying your plot and look foward to your next installment.

Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Finnigan's Swill

“He did not feel the way he had so often felt before, excited, curious, burning to get to the bottom of a mystery; he simply knew that the task of discovering the truth about the real Horcrux had to be completed before he could move a little farther along the dark and winding path stretching ahead of him, the path that he and Dumbledore had set out upon together, and which he now knew he would have to journey alone.”                                     ~HBP

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Dark Fiction, General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Dark Fiction, Mild Violence, Sexual Situations
Chapters: 31 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 162799; Read Count: 31757; Completed: No

Updated: 09/20/2007; Published: 05/14/2007
Reviewer: AriesGirl (Signed)
just finished reading from chapter one on. Deffinately have captured my interest. Not many spelling mistakes either. you tend to add an extra letter to a word here or there. cant wait to read more. good luck with RL.

Chapter 31: Chapter 32