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I'm 30, an Assistant Shop Manager for Scope (UK charity). Born in Rome, I moved to England recently.

I love myths and legends, and reading about religion. I love to read in general anyway; my fave authors are M. Ende, M.Z.Bradley, J.M.Auel, P. Pullman, J. Stroud and J.K.Rowling. I love even the classics of course (like Tolstoj, Verga, Kafka, Svevo, DCalvino, Shakespeare, Pirandello, Austen, the Brontë's sisters, Yoshikawa, Verne, Yoshimoto, Flaubert, Dumas, Sartre). I also like many poets (like Baudelaire, Ungaretti, Leopardi).

I love to read Japanese manga, and watch anime. My fave authors are M. Adachi (Touch, Rough, H2...) and R. Takahashi (Uruseiyatsura, Ranma ½, Maison Ikkoku, Inuyasha...), but I also love N. Watsuki (Rurouni Kenshin!), F. Souryou (Mars...), Y. Watase (Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres...), G. Aoyama (Detective Conan), R. Ikeda (Versailles no Bara, aka Lady Oscar...) and others. I love classics as well, like O. Tetsuka (Leo, The three Adolf, Astroboy, Ribbon no Kishi, Black Jack...) and all great authors whose stories teach you something.

I love writing and have written all my life. I'm trying to be published. Right now, I have the complete first draft of an original novel for children of 8-12 years old, and I'm revising it. I submitted it to "The wow factor" competition here in the UK and I'm waiting for news on September the 30. I won't receive any news of course but you know... hope is last to die.

I wrote my first "novel" when I was 12.

I hope you'll enjoy my fanfictions. You'll soon learn how nasty can I be to poor defenceless characters ;). Someone has flattered me saying that sometimes my levels of nastyness are challenging Rowling's. I wouldn't dare thinking that, but I was pleased.

I hope you'll be so kind to leave me a note after reading my fics. Even a word will be appreciated and repay me for my hard work, but you know... a review saying what you felt about the thing and what are your opinions about the story would make my day!

Beta-reader: No

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Updated: 12/31/1969; Published: 12/31/1969
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
Well, so now you have one review even here, and stop saying that I only need to look at my reads and be satisfied with that...

Going back to the story, I found it very realistic, and I like this angry and gloomy Harry much better than the one in the first chapter of HBP. I don't have time now to read the other chapters posted, but I will, and will review every chapter of the story as soon as I can.

So what will Harry do now that he doesn't own anymore a twin wand with Lord V? Will Fawks give out a new feather, or will Harry get a brand new wand? And what will happen when he's going to face Voldy?

Well done, the prose is compelling and the story is interesting :) I'd like to be awake enough to keep on reading!

Author's Response: Well, I am satisfied with that. =) Yeah, HBP did have some dissapointments, but oh well. Who am I to argue with canon? LOL Hmm, the twin wand issue comes up a lot. His replacement, is, unique, and will come in to play. I'm glad you liked it so far =D

Lily Hates James. James Loves Lily. Will Lily murder James, Sirius collapse in a fit of giggles, Remus get drunk, Malfoy sing the school song, will Peter finally get over his fear of butterflies? (We never find out the last two, unfortuantely.) will they blow the castle apart, will all of them find true love? A Fic Written by two, very, very drunk elves, Winky and Dobby, with side bits by Kreacher and Hokey.

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Warnings: Character Death, Mild Language
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Updated: 10/04/2005; Published: 07/18/2005
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
Winky and Dobby, I'm wondering why you haven't got any review yet... isn't your master paying attention to what you do? Oh I was forgetting that... your master is Harry... harry Potter and paying attention aren't words that fit together. Well, what shall I say. I laughed so hard reading this fic. The humour is masterfully written and lets me pass over americanisms like "gotten" (which here makes people giggle a bit, so maybe it's doing its purpose anyway). There aren't many americanisms though, well done to cmply with canon! Youknow what I liked the best? The bit about Lily thinking about how stupid a man would be staying there waiting 20 minutes since there was another bathroom just for men next door. the silly thing you never notice when you should ;) I don't like James, but I like the James you portray here. I'm only talking about chapter one anyway. let's go reading chapter two... I shall tell you later :)

Author's Response: Dobby: Yeah, James was a bit stoopid about the bathroom thingo... Winky: YOu don't spell stoopid like that, you stoopid idiot!

Chapter 1: Who is REALLY Head Boy?
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
Mhhhhh I see some clichés about the headboy/Headgirl fics coming out in this story. However, it's still enjoyable. The bit about Malfoy was funny, but I reckon Lucius Malfoy had left Hogwarts already when Lily and James were in their finalyear at Hogwarts, The Marauders should be something like three years younger than Malfoy, if I'm not mistaken, but we can't be certain so, a far as I know, it's okay. Looking forward to reading more! Thanks for the giggle :)

Author's Response: Winky: Our first review!!! Dobby: I want to respond! Winky: NO, I want to respond! Dobby: No, I do! Winky: NO, I do! Dobby: NO, I DO!!! Winky: Fine, we both do... Dobby: Thanks for the review, Kagome!! Dobby: My OLD master is a bad wizard! Winky: *restraining Dobby form hitting the wall* Thanks for reviewing!

Chapter 2: WHAT?!
Five More Minutes by Dianne [All Ages]
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Like the ancient Egyptian Kings, Voldemort demanded servitude until death...and beyond. Voldemort is dead and Harry lies wounded while Ginny buys him just a little more time to gather himself together before he is barraged with questions about the defeat of the Dark Lord. Harry was never prepared to be a murderer and if he cannot fogive himself, he may not survive the one last nightmare that Voldemort bestowed upon him.

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Updated: 08/08/2005; Published: 08/07/2005
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
Hi Dianne!

Here I am to review your story that was so lonely with no reviews...

So, as far as I read the idea is interesting and the style is comelling. I think you pictured the characters well too. that about the good of the story. Now let's go to the bad. If you can't take constructive criticism, please don't go further.

I think that, although your style is very compelling, it's also very heavy for the reader. I found myself skimming through your story and skipping long bits of text, because I just wasn't interested enough.

Don't misunderstand me: I was liking your idea. However, I think that, although there are no rules in fiction writing, but only guidelines (because any rule has been broken in wonderful ways), you personally would find it helpful to follow the guideline, "Show don't tell."

With this, I'm not saying that you should show everything that you tell in the beginning of chapter one. That would be enough for a stand-alone fiction. What I'm saying is that you shouldn't add all that bit of information in the narrative. You should tell it to me reader in dialogues, in between various scenes, so that I don't feel it so heavy and so unbearable for me to hold all that load of information. Let me get the info and digest them slowly . Let me get intrigued by discovering what has happened to your HP world, how Voldy was defeated and all. If you don't give it all to me at the beginning, my curiosity would be tickled and I would keep reading. You might make a scene in the hospital wing, a dialogue between more characters, or even a dialogue between portraits... something happening, ACTION... that can keep me interested while you give out information.

of course these are only suggestions, it's my very humble and personal point of view, it's not "law" (it must NOT be law. I'm miss nobody!). But it's something that really jumped to my eyes as I read your work.

Anyway, the story and the seting is intriguing and I will like to read more :). Well done!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! It's nice to see different aspects of people's pov's when they read it, but you have seen something a lot of people haven't in this story at least. It was originally written for a challenge and it won honourable mention. Having said that, yes, I do need more dialogue in my stories so I agree with you there. I am working with a beta to improve my dialogue before I start putting a great deal of it in my stories because I have a bad habit of switching pov's when I do dialogue without meaning to and it confuses people, but I will cerainly be putting more in once I am better at that. So thanks for the query into why this isn't so in my story. I always appreciate well rounded critisism, and here's some for you LOL! you spelled 'setting' wrong in the review. Do you write stories here? Perhaps I could look at your dialogue and get some ideas of what you mean? I'm always looking for stories to read that are well written and will enhance my abilities as I'm always looking to improve. Thanks for the input!

Chapter 1: Five More Minutes
Late one night Harry gets a 'visitor.' Will this visitor be able to make him understand and move on?

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Word count: 1717; Read Count: 542; Completed: Yes

Updated: 08/08/2005; Published: 08/08/2005
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
Lovely sad story. I liked the ending very much indeed. Sadly there were a few mistakes a beta should have noticed, whch detracted from the atmosphere and from the story, making me pay attention again o the words and forgetting that it was a story... and not allowing me to identify well. But as I said, a beta should be able to fix things like your instead than you're and the likes. I wonder why nobody among the Wizardtales' betas have noticed that.

Lovely story anyway. I loved Emma, she seems interesting, and Harry's reactions were truthful.

Chapter 1: Butterfly Tears
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
Sorry, the program cut in my reviews all the criticsm. Sorry if this will seem a negative review, but it should be read after the former one to make sense^^;;;;;;

Something that I didn't quite like was the too much use of telling sometimes. Like, "They shared the heartbreaking silence". You really need to say that the silence was heartbreaking? Show it! Make the reader feel it's heartbreaking. Saying that it's heartbreaking doesn't help me as a reader to identify in the feeling.

Everything IMHO of course. It's a good story. I know that there are no rules of writing but only guidelines. However, I really think the guideline, "show don't tell" is oughtto be followed. Not always, because you can't show everything. But you can't tell feelings. My opnion, as always.

Chapter 1: Butterfly Tears

Tre visioni dello stesso mondo lottano per avere la meglio. Fiducia, testardaggine, costanza, lealtà... egoismo, passione e un briciolo di mistero sono gli ingredienti base per una storia che si snoda attraverso epoche e dimensioni. E la vittoria di una delle parti non è così scontata.
Avvertenza:La storia è nata prima della pubblicazione di HBP e, sebbene ci sarà qualche spoiler, in linea generale mi discosterò parecchio dal canon. Lettore avvisato...

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Updated: 12/03/2005; Published: 09/10/2005
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
ESUS!!!!! Non mi avevi detto che avevi inviato la TUA storia su Wizardtales! Kattifa :(

Cmq, la mia opinione sulla storia la sai bene, e l'unica cosa che posso dire è.... *arf* ancora :)

Author's Response: Non te l'avevo detto? Strano O_o!
Ad ogni modo, l'ho messa giusto per far vedere che noi italiani siamo persone che fanno qualcosa... devi ammettere che fa scena vedere un (2) dove negli altri c'è solo un (1) XD.
Perché non c'è la versione inglese? Beh, perché non so se me la pubblicherebbero, non so con che frequenza potrei effettivamente aggiornare e non so quanto potrebbe essere apprezzata ^_^'''

Chapter 1: Antefatto
Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
Oh domanda: come mai non vedo anche la versione Inglese online? ;)

Chapter 1: Antefatto