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Let's see. I'm a 25-year old workaholic who spends her days running a retail store and dealing with interesting customers. I enjoy reading, writing, sleeping and spending time with my friends and family.

My guilty pleasures consist of RPG, fanfiction and romance novels (the non-trashy kind of course!). Oh and Diet Dr. Pepper. I really love a good Diet Dr. Pepper.

"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid, fat rat yellow!"

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Reviews by Buttamellow
[Sequel to 'Ring of Gold'] Free of the threat of the Death Eaters and the Brotherhood of the Sacred Balance, Harry and his friends are called to Hogwarts to try to understand and a string of unexplained attacks. While there, they find that the situation is more complex than they expected. While the four of them search for answers, Harry searches for some answers of his own as he tries to understand some troubling developments in his own life.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery
Warnings: Mild Violence
Chapters: 25 Table of Contents Series: Through the Veil
Word count: 329288; Read Count: 37977; Completed: Yes

Updated: 05/20/2007; Published: 06/01/2006
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
I love Hermione's growing hostile behavior.  It adds so much to the story.  Your OC's are amazing as well.  Great job!

Chapter 15: Broken Memories
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
So, the question is: Who is Valencia?  Hmmm... *grins*  Great job!

Chapter 16: Contraband
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
Hmm...I wonder what's up with Evelyn.  Great chapter!!

Chapter 17: The Herald
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
Wow.  Wonderful job!  And Hermione is only becoming more and more paranoid.  I love it.  Keep  up the great work!

Chapter 18: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
Yay, Kev!  An absolutely amazing chapter.  I love how you pulled it all together and it is beginning to unravel.  As you well know, I've been looking forward to this chapter for quite some time and you did a wonderful job.  I love it!

Chapter 22: A Weapon Discarded
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
*snickers*  Go Love!  It rules all.  Great job, Kev. 

Author's Response: That's right it does.

I'm glad someone appreciates all my hard work.

Chapter 23: The Power of Love
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
Obviously, as you already know, I think that this chapter is amazing.  It sets up so much for the ending of AoS and also starts to prepare the reader for the last installment.  I'm so excited about it.  Wonderful job, Kev!

Chapter 24: The Seer
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
I noticed that I didn't review for the last chapter.  As you already know, because I have told you numerous times, I really enjoy this one.  Like you said, it's like the "Empire Strikes Back" of the trilogy and it leaves you wanting more.  I know that JoD is going to be great and you've left it such that the reader is going to be excited about it.  Great job!

Chapter 25: A Dark Tide
They danced for the moment, and they danced for the moments that would never come, when he would be gone to war, and she would be left behind. They stepped slowly for the time that would pass, for the things that would change them and age them, well before their time. And he held her close to him, for when he wouldn't be able to hold her, both now and at the end. [H/G, post HBP]

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 1081; Read Count: 483; Completed: Yes

Updated: 06/04/2006; Published: 06/04/2006
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)

"Maybe we've always been old, Harry. Elderly among the young."

This was an amazing one-shot.  You captured my attention from the beginning and held it straight through to the end.  Wonderful job!

Chapter 1: Sub-Chapter

I held your cold body against mine, as I shivered from both shock and grief. You were gone, and I had never even known you. And the skies above us were on fire, on fire with the new dawn, the dawn you would never see. And I cried.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Angst
Warnings: Character Death
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 1352; Read Count: 553; Completed: Yes

Updated: 06/05/2006; Published: 06/04/2006
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
This fic really caught my attention.  I love the change in point of view throughout as I think it makes it all the more powerful.  The ending was just heart-wrenching.  Wonderful job!

Chapter 1: Chapter 1