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malko050987, also known as Chris

Stuff about me that is useful to know:

I'm 19 years old

I live in Romania

I like English more than Romanian

I like everything fantasy, especially when portrayed as being part of everyday life, just not in sight, such as the HP series.

I like reading. A LOT. Really :)

Since I'm a Harry Potter fan, here's some HP related stuff:

My favourite pairings are Harry/Ginny AND Ron/Hermione. As in both, at the same time, in the same story. I don't write much in those pairings, since I'm a bit tired of them, but they're still the best way a ship can sail :)

I'm a big fan of the following pairings: Harry/Bellatrix, Harry/Pansy, Harry/Daphne, Harry/f.Blaise, Harry/Padma, Harry/Tonks, and some others that aren't that big. Harry/Susan too, I guess.

I don't care much for slash, but if it's a good story I'll read it. Not Snarry or other ships where the age difference is that large. Nor Remus/Sirius, since I prefer to think Of Remus as Tonks' pair, not as a gay wolf :)

Pairings I hate: Draco/anybody but himself (nonjon's got the right idea, check him out), Hermione/older person (e.g. Snape, Lucius, Remus), Ginny/most people, ESPECIALLY Ginny/Draco and Ginny/older man. Really, I don't like Student/Teacher ships, for the most part.


My Works

Completed fics:



Summary: Post-OotP oneshot. Written from Hedwig's POV, as she tries to help Harry cope with the loss of Sirius. Harry/Ginny.

Rating: K

Language: English

Genres: General/Romance

Wordcount: 2568

Published: 8-1-06

He's Gone

Summary: What if despair broke Harry, taking away his magic? And what if it was so deep, that it took away the surrounding magic as well? Post-OotP, no ship.

Rating: T

Language: English

Genres: Drama/General

Wordcount: 3753

Published: 8-9-06


Summary: The war is over, his battles have been fought, and he has to go home. But first, there is one last thing he wants to do. Again, Harry/Ginny. Post-HBP. I wrote this fic as a present for Ham, a dear friend. :)

Rating: K

Language: English

Genres: General

Wordcount: 4010

Published: 8-15-06

I Will Show Them

Summary: Fleur is not an animal, a creature to be dismissed. She will show them all that she is a powerful witch. Written for a challenge on the MuggleNet FanFiction Beta Boards. I won, too.

Rating: K

Language: English

Genres: General

Wordcount: 1041

Published: 8-6-06


Works in progress:



Summary: Something has changed drastically in the Dursley household. Will Harry and his new friend be able to escape? And what will he do after that? Independent!Harry, a nice Dudley, Manipulated!Dumbledore (snicker) and Evil!Weasleys. Some of them, really.

Rating: K+

Language: English

Genres: Action/Adventure/General

Chapters: 9

Wordcount: 16812

Published: 6-20-06

Updated: 8-6-06

I Want Out

Summary: One has decided not to be used anymore. The other has no more use. Now, both sides want to catch them. But really, how do you catch two of the best duelists alive? Harry/Bellatrix, Post-Seventh year. Some HBP major events will be included, some won't. This will be/is a Harry/Bellatrix against everyone story. I haven't figured out how I'll do the romance part, but I'm aiming for this to be a mostly action fic. Lots of chases. Also, I don't know if I'll include the Horcruxes, but it's likely that I will. Dumbledore is dead in this fic, and will remain dead.

Rating: T

Language: English

Genres: Action/Adventure/General

Wordcount: 2572

Published: 8-14-06

Updated: 8-14-06

That's about it so far... feel free to email me if you want to ask me something or simply chat.



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Reviews by malko050987
Reign O'er Me by cts [Mid Teens]
FeatureA sixth year fic that explores what might happen if Harry moves past the angst and starts to put his life together and has a few things break his way for a change.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Action/Adventure, General
Warnings: None
Chapters: 39 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 371120; Read Count: 124371; Completed: No

Updated: 03/11/2011; Published: 12/04/2004
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
Nice beginning! nicholas is an enigme, but I gather that I'll se more of his history later on.... I'd write more, but the link to the next chapter is very tempting.....

Chapter 1: Prologue: Circles
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
Sirius' letter is marvelosly written, and I like Remus reminiscence of James' determination, now echoed by Harry. Looking forward to the next chapter... -Crs

Chapter 2: Chapter 01: How Can You Do It Alone?
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
*tear* Loved Harry's speech at the end. The song was perfect for the occasion :D I can't wait to read the next chapters, which sadly won't be now, as RL issues have to be dealt with. -Crs

Chapter 9: Chapter 08: I've Had Enough
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
Cliffie!!! lol Apart from the mushiness at the egining, it's a great chapter... Now you've got ame all curious about the phoenixes, and what's with the choice they have to make? Will one of the phoenixes choose Harry? or they will cal another phoenix for him? And will Snape become civil? 10, of course, as usual. -Crs

Chapter 11: Chapter 10: Join Together
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
Nice chappie, though it's a bit too mushy for my taste... "glowing nimbus of light" very nice mental image. for a second, I thought Harry was going to break something! Keep up the good worlk! -Crs

Chapter 10: Chapter 09: Go To The Mirror Boy
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
ugh. Dudley? Nice chappie! I like Sirius' description, and the fact that he asked about Harry. :D -Crs

Chapter 12: Chapter 11: Another Tricky Day
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
YaaaaY! Sirius! Like his greeting to Snape :D. I can't wait to get to the other chapters! -Crs

Chapter 13: Chapter 12: Smash The Mirror
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
Great chapter, sorry no time to say more, I want to reda the next. :D Loved the Sirius bonding, btw. -Crs

Chapter 14: Chapter 13: Here For More
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
Another great chappie. Finally!!! They have sex... how could they resist so long after so many times naked in the bathroom, together.... :D I'm going to read the next chapters now. Keep up the great work! -Crs

Chapter 15: Chapter 14: Love, Reign O'er Me
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
oooookaaayyyy..... OC. Now I'm terribly curious, and I'm gonna go read the next chappie. Great chapter, btw. :D -Crs

Chapter 16: Chapter 15: Girl's Eyes