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Harry's summer takes a bizarre turn as he's subjected to the strangest dream he's ever had. What does it mean, and why does he get the feeling that Voldemort is somehow related to it?

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Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Mild Violence, Strong Violence
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Updated: 05/19/2006; Published: 06/24/2005
Reviewer: lilacale (Signed)
oh my gosh. WONDERFUL. One of the best stories i've read. My only wish - just a short little chapter, like an epilouge (a sequel would be better but still... a small chapter will work fine) please??? GREAT writing. Now i'm off to read ur other works.

Author's Response:

Well, hopefully you enjoy my other stuff, because I don't expect I'll be writing a sequel.  I'm really sorry, I swear.  Things would be so much easier if I would.  But I like my newer stuff much better.

Of course, it might be worth an epilogue to address all the questions I get. Too bad WT doesn't allow chapters of author's notes.  I would be willing to write an explanation of just why its important that there isn't an epilogue or sequel.

But I doubt anyone would care for my silly artistic justifications.  I mean, who am I to be artistic?  Oh well.  If you're interested, email me.  I do respond, I swear. 

Chapter 50: A Coming Storm