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The Modern Marauders by Konrad [Young Teens]
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As Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny swear an allegiance to destroy the remaining Horcruxes, the Order of the Phoenix has other fish to fry: apparently Voldemort discovered the existence of a fourth Unforgivable Curse which spreads the black death upon the victim. Can Harry destroy the Horcruxes in time, or will medieval horror return?

Many thanks to GryffindorGoddess06, who has beta'd every chapter since the third chapter.

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Genres: Action/Adventure, General, Mystery
Warnings: Character Death
Chapters: 14 Table of Contents Series: None
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Updated: 11/04/2006; Published: 06/19/2006
Reviewer: frodo_harry (Signed)

Wow nice chapter. I really enjoye reading your story. However Please try not to give Hermione a nickname,, it reminds me too much of Mary sues. 


The bond.. Stupid wormtail he should have stayed true to the oath.  I hope he wil end upsaving Harry's life. I liked the idear of Harry, Ginnym, Hermione, and Ron renewing the oath. 



Author's Response:

Thank you for your review :-) Well, y'know, I'm not sure about Hermione and nicknames. If done correctly, it shouldn't be a bother. Don't actually remember writing the nickname though...

 Ah well, the bond, yes, it'll be quite important for the end of the story. As far saving Harry's life, well, read on I'd say :-)

Chapter 4: The Oath