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Double Justice by Spiderwort [Mid Teens]
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18-year old Minerva plans to work in London, and keep the home-fires burning for her husband Dug, who is gone off to Auror boot camp in Australia.  She must also support her mother's efforts to become a Healer, though she dislikes her specialty: Legilimency.  And she holds in her heart a promise Professor Dumbledore made to her before she left school.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Chapters: 20 Table of Contents Series: Before the Beginning
Word count: 84687; Read Count: 24766; Completed: No

Updated: 09/02/2009; Published: 11/18/2007
Reviewer: Highice007 (Signed)
Very good. I'm guessing LOKHS are magical items that allow you to understand other languages.        This is of cores very good. I could get a good idea of the environment from the beginning, I could really see everything that was going on. Bagshot… that sounds very familiar, but I just cant place the name yet. Sounds cannon.         “Ve haf only to look for da red and yellow platok...." That was the only thing I didn’t get. What is a platok?           You have a very good sense of area I can tell. Are your family from Poland, or did you study a map before you started writing. Humm a war in Europe, a muggle war. I think most likely world war two. You mentioned that Dumbledore is in this but I don’t know how long wizards live, so maybe it’s world war one. But I think world war two. Still I guess it depends on the year. If her father is taking her on holiday in France then it might be after 1940, and he feels safe even though it’s under occupation, or it’s after 1944 and he feels the Germans have run out of steam. I wonder why the baddies thought they had got her too? Wait! I Think I know. The polish girl was give her Gryffindor scarf as a gift, and had gone to the tent to bring the food I thin. She would have likely been wearing the gift. So… is a Platok Polish for scarf?

      Good story, and I look forward to reading a page a day until completion. :)


Author's Response:

Hi Wayne, So you decided to take a peek at my stuff, eh?  Well, this is actually the third of a trilogy , but you guessed most of the background, and a platok is indded a scarf.  Had to look that up.  I'm not Polish at all but have some friends who are,

 Hildy Bagshot is a character I made up.  She's related to Bathilda Bagshot who wrote "A History of Magic." Bathilda is a crucial character in the last HP book.

 Thanks for writing.

Chapter 1: Prologue
Reviewer: Highice007 (Signed)
  Nice chapter. You really write the scottish culture well, accents and all. I wish I had scottish people around to give me insights to the culture. It sounds like you've been there. I guess Minervia got a little drunk and turned into her Animangus. However there are a few words and expressions that I don't understand, could you perhaps give me some clairafication? Words like; Slunken Jo, changed a whit,  Anyway, great chapter. I hope she beats the raven, but doesn't kill it. They are such cool birds. Great chapter. :)

Author's Response:

Hi Wayne, As you know, I'm as American as apple pie, never been to Europe, and all i know about Scots culture is from my first beta Euan Munro, my friend Diana, who writes under the name GraceHas Victory (her stuff is great.  I think most of it's here on WT), and reams of stuff I've looked up on-line.  'Slunken jo' is Scots, means 'coward'.  'a whit' is an old form of 'a bit'.  You're right about the drunk part, but there's more to it than that as a later chapter will reveal.  And as for the raven... well the next chap will tell you quite a bit.

Chapter 2: A Wedding