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A dude in college that likes to write.

I've got 2 stories going, in two completely different styles. One is something of a medium scale epic (or its going to be) and the other involves a single main character (currently) trying to discover his past.

Check them both out and review!

Beta-reader: Yes
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Reviews by Cyborg
On The Run by HarryPotterBlack [Young Teens]
starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]
Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban when Harry was five years old. They lived hidden from the wizarding world. Now Harry is fifteen.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Other Canon Character, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Ron Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape, Sirius Black; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Alternate Universe (AU)
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Alternate Universe
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 3310; Read Count: 1445; Completed: No

Updated: 02/11/2006; Published: 11/30/2005
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)

Not bad. I would highly suggest an actual prologue on how Sirius found Harry, and what exactly happened ten years before. It would drop the reader into the story at the beginning instead of dropping them in halfway through. 

Also, avoid author's notes inside the body of the story.

This was great! I am always interested in "what if" stories, like, "What if Harry was actually happy during his childhood?"

Chapter 1: Ten Years Later
AU. Harry wasn't an only child, but had an identical twin, who died at birth. He's been hanging around ever since.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Drama, General
Warnings: Character Death, Strong Language
Chapters: 8 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 9830; Read Count: 5890; Completed: No

Updated: 10/29/2006; Published: 01/11/2006
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
Hah! Very imaginitive. I like the reason you have about why James stuck around. It's even loosely supported by the uncannily similiar Weasley Twins in canon.

Chapter 2: Chapter One
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
This is great! Keep going, how far are you going to take this? Throughout the entirety of book 1?

Chapter 7: Chapter Six

Post OotP. Harry must deal with the loss of his Godfather, Hogwarts gets a new Defense Professor with more than a few secrets, and Voldemort watches from the shadows, awaiting a moment to strike. Just a typical year for the Boy-Who-Lived, really...

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Action/Adventure, General
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Mild Language, Mild Violence
Chapters: 36 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 158163; Read Count: 102649; Completed: No

Updated: 07/18/2009; Published: 01/14/2006
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
Wow! I have been reading this story over the past week or so and I am impressed! It would be a shame to let this go unfinished, and you've definately made a regular of me!

Chapter 35: End of an Era
The Way Home by Roxy [Mid Teens]
starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 12]

Three months have passed since the last time Harry Potter was seen. This is the story of a young man trying to find his way home.

**Slightly rewritten, beta-ed, and cut into small chapters for easier reading**


Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Angst
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Character Death, Mild Language
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 14236; Read Count: 5595; Completed: Yes

Updated: 09/23/2006; Published: 02/26/2006
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
Poor Ginny and Harry, trouble never seems to stop for them, eh? Nice bit of relief from all the angst/drama here. Hermione seems to have pretty much given up on Harry, perhaps you could make that clearer (if i interpreted your intent correctly) so as to stress her mistake in the future. Everyone loves it when a braniac is wrong. Great job, this is is my favs.

Author's Response:

I could make Hermione's acceptance of Harry's disappearance/death, but the focus isn't really on her making a mistake. It may be a little OOC for her, but I honestly didn't touch much on her reactions at the end. It's mainly about Harry and Ginny. Thanks for the feedback though. Maybe someday I'll write the sequel I've always plotted. Another update next week sometime.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Moving On
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
Very nice start to an intriguing story. Makes a reader want more. 

Author's Response: Thanks for the great comment. I like to be addicting sometimes.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: We Have to Find Him
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
Very good portrayal of Harry. I think that he definately would run at the horror of killing someone without taking something useful, such as a wand. 

Author's Response: I would hope anyone that has any good would run from something like that. It's horrific to know that you're responsible for taking someone's life whether intentional or not. Thanks for the review!

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Hunt
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
I'm liking this story very much. It seems not all is well in paradise. I really cant find anything in particular to suggest improvement on. The chapter was fast paced and the dialogue and narrative reflected that well. Great job, keep it up. I'm hooked!

Author's Response: Thanks for yet another review! I love when people review for each chapter. Makes me feel all special! Glad you're liking it.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Emergency!
starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 97]
Harry has learned the Prophesy and he does not believe that a schoolboy can defeat Voldemort, so he decides that if he is going to die then he is first going to live.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Mild Violence, Strong Language
Chapters: 50 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 182518; Read Count: 65512; Completed: Yes

Updated: 03/08/2007; Published: 05/08/2006
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
Very clever with General Winter. Germans didnt know what hit them, eh?

Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Veela can be Friendly
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)

Your story is something of an enigma to me. A riddle if you will. It unlinear, spontaneous, and is worthy of a cult following. Yet the story is captivating and powerful, especially in this last chapter. Does Dumbledore realize that Harry is Mr. Black? The world may never know.

I love your work. Keep it up!

Chapter 50: Chapter 50: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been