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Previously posted on as 'Meet Professor Son, I Mean Potter. It's 1977, Voldemort is ascending to power, the Wizarding World is in chaos - and Lily still won't go out with James. Enter a mysterious new DADA teacher and his flirty assistant. Pairings are HG and LJ.

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Updated: 04/13/2006; Published: 04/13/2006
Reviewer: Machiavelli Jr (Signed)
Hmmm, a good opening. So, if there's still a need to sit round HQ, does that mean Harry's gone back in order to buy time to train, or is it just that the Burrow got flattened? Why's Harry using his real name when *everyone* is going to make the connection with James - not as if they look alike, is it? Raises many questions, which is a good thing, and I love Harry's entrance.

Chapter 1: Steaks With Wings and Even Stranger Things