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A HBP Missing Moment. Harry's thoughts on the night Dumbledore dies while he's lying in his bed and realizes that he can no longer hear Fawkes singing. Harry is truly alone...or is he?

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Updated: 09/09/2005; Published: 09/09/2005
Reviewer: Spark Soliton (Signed)
Yay - the First Lady of writing is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprised (pleasantly) to see your fic first here (used to Phoenix song) but I ain't complaining! It's brill to see you back with another story. The subject matter was a tad unexpected but I quickly warmed to it - Prat!Dean and Prat Seamus got me all riled up *LOL* It felt like it could well have happened, and I really enjoyed the story. It was shame that one knew that Harry was going to break up with her, it would have been superb to have had it as part of the original book for best effect but that is impossible unfortunately. As always, impeccable story-telling and really, really good dialogue - especially liked the "Dean and Seamus"-talk Thanks for writing and sharing this!

Author's Response: Hi Spark! This has been submitted to PS, as well, but they haven't uploaded it yet. I'm glad Seamus and Dean got you riled, lol. There has to be some animosity when you feel others are hiding things from you, it's only natural, and there was a lot of Seamus and Dean muttering going on in HBP, particularly about Quidditch. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Chapter 1: His Best Source of Comfort