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Well, I'm 20 years old and I'm writing fan fics to develop my writing style for a BIG project I'm working on (don't ask ;-) ) I like things that focus a lot on canon, but if they don't, I like a more substantial plot and solid characters. I've been a fan of Harry Potter since I read the first book, but when the third book came out...I was HOOKED. So I've been addicted to the Potterverse throughout my whole teenage years. I wrote a really bad (okay, so most of my friends LOVED it...but that's their job, right?) fan fic after GOF came out in my freshman year of highschool. Now I'm a freshman at the University of Michigan (I can tell you this, because there are SOOO many students here!) and I now know a lot more about writing, but I just needs practice. What better way to practice then writing about my favorite boy wizard? Favorite Book: While I love all the books I still have to say that the third book remains my absolute favorite. I mean, that's the book where they introduced Lupin and Sirius! So sexy... My favorite characters are the underdogs. I.E. Lupin, Luna, Neville, and Aberforth. Oh, and I totally love Tonks, she's the perfect compliment to Remus' character. I read HBP and I freaked out. I did a little dance that went something like, "Remus is getting some--" Uh... Er... Well, you get the general idea... I have written a poem that discribes my current Harry Potter status: Crazy little girl with a kettle on her head, Walks around and says she's dead, I know better, she's still whole And not the imprint of a departed soul. Ask me about my mad and crazy Harry Potter theories. I have several. For one, I think I know what Aberforth was doing to the goats. For two, WHO IS DUMBLEDORE'S CONTACT IN ALBANIA???? (See COS for more detail) kittens...very grrr...

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Yes, but... by Aestel [Mid Teens]
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An irreverent, but in-character parody of the MLC where Snape and Tonks show the Wizarding World what they think about arranged marriages.

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I love you.  

 Seriously, I was at first thrown off by the lack of canon in the story (of which I'm a firm believer) but you were able to use the characters PERFECTLY  and couple them with ingenious writing proving that it doesn't matter what your write about, but how you write  it. 

I made all of my friends read it...hehehe

...I love you.  Rarr... 

Author's Response: ROTFL.   Thanks.  Yeah, this story's a bit of an oddball, but it helps a bit if you're familiar with the type of story I'm parodying.  I'm glad, though, that you enjoyed it anyway!

Chapter 9: Nine