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My name is Kairi and I'm 25 years old.  I am the mother of 2 little girls and I love the Harry Potter World.  My favorite characters of the series are Draco Malfoy, who I find vastly intriguing, and Hermione Granger who is also my 5 year old's favorite character.  I am an avid Dramione supporter and have been writing fanfiction since October 2005.  All of my stories for the most part are Draco/Hermione but I also support Lily/James and Harry/Hermione and have a story in the works for both.I love hashing out every detail of the series and try to keep up with any and all facts about every aspect.

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Draco's entire world is turned upside down when he's told his parents are not the Malfoys. Struggling not to be killed and to become close with his brother, he falls in love with one of his worst enemies: his brother's best friend. Sum inside.
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Updated: 06/20/2006; Published: 04/18/2006
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
another great chapter amanda though not quite as exciting as the past ones--so draco is part of the prophecy now? hmm cant wait to see how this pans out

Chapter 6: Prophecy
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
wow that was really kewl! totally unexpected but not at all the drab that some stories that fold this way are (the whole draco is adopted thing i mean).  good job and i cant wait to read more!

Chapter 1: Family
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
ooohh and the plot thickens lol!! great chapter

Chapter 2: It Begins
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
very awesome, i cant believe harry's going to tell draco about the prophecy..i wonder if it's going to include draco now?  omg i cant wait lol please hurry and update!

Chapter 5: On His Own
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
another great chapter, amanda--keep up the good work!

Chapter 7: Trying
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
once again another brilliant chapter! so the school knows about Harry and Draco now? very kewl, cant wait to see their reactions!

Chapter 8: Seeing True Colours
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
Another great chapter Amanda! Great first kiss--hurry up and finish the next chapter lol! Well? Go on...why are you still reading this review lol??!!

Chapter 10: Fairytale
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
i liked it! it was a good chapter, cant wait to see what happens next!

Chapter 12: Growing Closer
Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
another smashing chapter..cant wait for the ball/dance..hehe thing.

Chapter 16: Love Is In The Air