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I am a marketing consultant and happily married for over twenty-three years.

I majored in history at university. It reflects in all of my writings, except for the one-shot challenge tales I write.

Indeed, my story "Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C." starts with as much Muggle history as is available for England at the time (very little), and what can be extrapolated from that era from elsewhere.

Then, I added in all of the magical historical research I've done, and the research done by the magical anthropological field teams now discovering the roots of magic all around Europe. The history of how magic as we know it was discovered and developed, began to take shape, but only as a list of facts, not as a narrative.

Finally, the interviews with Harry Potter in 2023, after the death of Mr. Ollivander and with his expressed permission, allowed this tale be told in a readable manner.

My pseudonym existed before I discovered fanfiction, and I never imagined that I'd be alphabetized by first name.

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Reviews by Aaran St Vines
Ginny Weasley is awakened in the middle of the night by a ringing Muggle telephone. The caller, a Healer from St. Mungo's, has the information she's anticipated for 5 long, lonely years.

Will the decisions she's made over these 5 years haunt her? Can she move on?

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Alternate Universe (AU)
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Mild Language, Sexual Situations
Chapters: 10 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 52998; Read Count: 811; Completed: No

Updated: 11/15/2005; Published: 09/11/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.3 - - This is very well written. It is real life, and for that I applaud you. But can you blame me for not wanting real life to encroach on my favorite fantasy world? I have to know what happened, but you have to make me feel better eventually. Fine work, and once again, very well written.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. As much as I love my angst, I love fluff just as much, so don't give up on me yet, ;-)

Chapter 3: Half-Truths
starstarstarstar [Reviews - 2]
Hermione had her heart broken when Seamus her boyfriend broke up with her at Easter during Year 6. It's the end of term celebration and she's starting to get over Seamus. Now Hermione's beginning to have feelings for Harry, but does Harry like her back? What if they made fun of her for it? What would happen with her friendship with Ron if she told Harry? Hermione's POV.(Chapter one takes place during Year 6 and all the others are during Year 7.)

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: None
Warnings: Alternate Universe
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 2564; Read Count: 957; Completed: No

Updated: 01/15/2006; Published: 09/16/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.1 - - Very interesting start. The potential here is explosive. I can't wait to see how you develop it. Cheers.

Chapter 1: Discoveries
Dreams by Jawy [Mid Teens]
starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 6]
"Am I nothing more than a bushy-haired know-it-all, Head Girl and best friend of Harry Potter? No one has ever tried to see me as more than those things..." Those words started it all. (fanon!B/Hr)

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: General Fan Fiction
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Mild Language
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 10268; Read Count: 2950; Completed: Yes

Updated: 09/25/2005; Published: 09/18/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.1 - - Excellent, fine writing, and a great potential story line. I am a primarily a H/G and R/Hr shipper, because I thought that was the way it would go since GoF. However, I have always wanted Hermione with someone who would really approeciate her for her mind as opposed to her abilities to help with homework. I met and married a Hermione-type when we were in our middle twenties. She was beyond what little know-it-all she may have had at Hermione's ages in the books, but she was tops in all of her classes and years. I love her mind first and foremost along with her great personality and beauty. So I can enjoy a B/H heading where you are taking it. This Blaise seems to be able to truly appreciate and help her necome all she can be under the light of one who loves her and wants the best for her. Good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that wonderful review! To be honest, Blaise's opinion of Hermione and how he treats her is based on a past relationship of mine, where my then-boyfriend wanted the best for me as well. I'm glad you enjoyed it (and I'm even happier that you're a real-life Blaise) and I hope you enjoy the next chapter

Chapter 1: Dreams
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.2 - - Of course, once we decide we want happiness for a character or characters, we want it instantly - which cannot be in reality or fiction. You've done a fine job of making this a convoluted tale, and more complication should be on the way. Excellent POV switches. Fine dialog, though internal. Well done.

Author's Response: Oh yes, there's plenty of complication on the way. Thanks for the review!

Chapter 2: Thoughts
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.3 - - I am not a D/G fan, but I am really warming to an alternative ship in B/Hr. Your writing is very good, and the POV shifts and perspectives are marvelous. Something has got to be up. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment! I was worried about the shifts in perspective, but I'm glad I was able to get them right.

Chapter 3: Words
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Final - - A very fine read. Worth the time. You've captured the way I believe Hermione MIGHT feel being under appreciated and misunderstood by the Harry and Ron. As a big brother type, there are various happinesses I want for the Gryffindor Four. It will be difficult for Hermione to recieve all she needs from Ron - he may or may not rise to the task. This Blaise, the Blaise I have imagined, is fully capable, and you've done a great job of making him more visible. I am going to have a major problem with your sequel.

Author's Response: You are so good to me! Thank you for recommending this story this week! I agree that it would be difficult for Hermione to get what she needs from Ron. Thank you for the compliments on Blaise. And why do you say you will have a major problem with the sequel? While all three stories are in a trilogy, I have designed them so that they can (hopefully) stand on their own. Think of the sequel as another B/Hr story that could have followed Dreams.

Chapter 4: Actions

Harry Potter is in his fifth year at Hogwarts. He finds himself falling quickly in love and acting on his feelings for a beautiful new transfer student. Meanwhile, there are several attacks at the school by a mysterious entity that only refers to him or herself as the Assassin. Is this Voldemort's doing, or does this Assassin have ulterior motives?

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Alternate Universe (AU), Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fluff, Mystery
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sexual Situations
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 26829; Read Count: 2687; Completed: No

Updated: 11/05/2005; Published: 09/22/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.1 - - Interesting start. Struggles a little in light of OotP, but, as this is obviouslt pre-OotP, I can see it being constructed this way. This was a good review of the story-to-date, and set up an interesting complexity with a new girl in Harry's life. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked the start. I know this is a bit hopefully you will understand that it will not stick to canon as much...I never edited it to stick to canon. Thank you for your review ----Harry4Ever =)

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Crush
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.2 - - Sorry, too much that won't click. You've got the start of a great tale, but several things rub wrong: 1) Hermione would never discuss others or her body parts with Harry and Ron - the hair possibly. 2) Giselle would never be Head Girl and an unSorted new student. 3) She'd never be Head Girl and a fifth year. 4) Hermione would never call her humble and down to earth with all of the bragging and name dropping she did. 5) There would be a cat fight between Hermione and Giselle about two minutes after she walked into the compartment. 6) Suggesting the use of the Killing Curse on Malfoy would have upset Draco AND our three favorite Hogwarts students. There is a lot you can do with this. It plays well, but these things need to, and can be fixed. Sorry to be hard on you. I like your writing. I hope I sound like I'm just being constructive - that is my intention. Best regards-

Author's Response: Well, I'm sorry you feel that it's not sticking to's OBVIOUSLY AU. Giselle is Head Girl because of an agreement between herself and Dumbledore which involves the appointment stands. As for a cat fight between Hermione and Giselle...that will never happen. Giselle was only giving Malfoy a scare...she would never have the heart to do so. I'm sticking to my story...but thank you for your kind but constructive criticism. If I do feel obliged to do so, perhaps I will rewrite the story to make more of a canonic sense...and that will be a BIG if! Once again, I thank you for pointing out what won't work...but if you read on...when I post the next few will see where I intend to take this. Please don't feel that you have offended me in any way. I will seriously consider revising...just not right now. Hope you understand and enjoy the rest when it's posted. ------Harry4Ever =)

Chapter 2: Giselle Sauvé
Seduction by Desslok [Mid Teens]
starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 10]
Harry and Ginny find their way back to each other after the fall of Voldemort.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: General
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 7779; Read Count: 2248; Completed: No

Updated: 10/21/2005; Published: 09/23/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.1 - - Prologue - - Final - - I'm not sure. - - - This is a most hopeful ending to this tale we've all come to love. You have given me more hope than I recieved from JKR in HBP. "Ron's Plan" is terrific. The individual friends in different places are a delight to read, and solution to the final Horcrux, (which scars me in canon) is well concieved and executed. Well done.

Chapter 1: Prologue: The Final Battle
Post OOtP, Harry refines his abilities and discovers a thing or two along the way.

Categories: Harry Potter; Characters: None; Archive Challenge: None
Classification: Romance
Crossover Classes: None
Genres: Fluff
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Mild Language
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 35402; Read Count: 5416; Completed: No

Updated: 02/15/2006; Published: 10/01/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.1 - - A nice start to a sixth year tale. You develop ideas very well, and come up with a plausible explanations for the failure in Divination and Occlumency. Knowing your creative (slightly bent) mind, I bet the solutions will get even more exciting. Can't wait. Cheers!

Chapter 1: Outlines