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I am a marketing consultant and happily married for over twenty-three years.

I majored in history at university. It reflects in all of my writings, except for the one-shot challenge tales I write.

Indeed, my story "Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C." starts with as much Muggle history as is available for England at the time (very little), and what can be extrapolated from that era from elsewhere.

Then, I added in all of the magical historical research I've done, and the research done by the magical anthropological field teams now discovering the roots of magic all around Europe. The history of how magic as we know it was discovered and developed, began to take shape, but only as a list of facts, not as a narrative.

Finally, the interviews with Harry Potter in 2023, after the death of Mr. Ollivander and with his expressed permission, allowed this tale be told in a readable manner.

My pseudonym existed before I discovered fanfiction, and I never imagined that I'd be alphabetized by first name.

Beta-reader: No

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Updated: 12/31/1969; Published: 12/31/1969
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.11 - - Your conversations and interactions are top-notch. A lighter Harry, living beyond the Department of Mysteries, would be very similar to this. Fine tale.

Chapter 12: Chapter 11: Arrangements
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.13 - - A terrific chapter. Also sorts of wonderful new magic you've created here. The visit with the dragons was a momental time, and the mental protections, and all of their preparations were genius. This is so fun!

Chapter 13: Chapter 12: The Changing of the Guard
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.14 - - A tough but necessary chapter for Harry. He needed to see it and understand it. Great tale!

Chapter 14: Chapter 13: Dinner with Abelard
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.15 - - This is getting complex in all the right and exciting ways. Terrific!

Chapter 15: Chapter 14: Motoring With Moony
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.16 - - This was a full and satisfying chapter. The dragon dream was wonderful and premonitory. The sparing scenes were great, particularly after Jasmine spent so much time teasing the poor boy. And she paid for it in battle, before her mother, and infront of Abelard and his dinner guests. A fun chapter for all.

Chapter 16: Chapter 15: Dragons, Dreams and Discussions
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.16 - - Quite a full and fun chapter. The conversation at activating the Pyr'g was chioce, and the whole idea of that as a protection method has been and surely will continue to be fascinating. The Glamour Girls of Gryffindor is a choice group title, and the logic of their self-assigned help-the-war effort is truly the kind of thinking those girls would do. Great Chapter all around.

Chapter 17: Chapter 16: More Letters
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.17 - - This was a great line after Jasmine told Ginny that Harry like her. "By the time they reached the meadow, Ginny was almost skipping." The created magic about snow dragons, Pyr'gs, and the protection spells was wonderful. Monumental chapter!

Chapter 18: Chapter 17: Dragons Made Small

It's not bad enough Harry has to deal with Voldemort and his Death Eaters, he also has to deal with Cho, Hermione, and Ginny about how they feel about him.

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Genres: Action/Adventure
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Word count: 57320; Read Count: 11029; Completed: Yes

Updated: 10/02/2005; Published: 08/31/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.1 - - An interesting start to this tale - the Malfoy trial extension, and the exploding gas mains. This promises to be very fascinating.

Chapter 1: Another Day at Privet Drive
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Ch.2 - - You've written a tale here that gives us an opportunity to despise Fudge - that is very good - we can never dislake him enough. You're onto a great start, but you could use a beta reader for this and then repost. But I like it. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment Aaron. About the beta, I do have one, but he didn't speak English well. He didn't have alot of work, so I said, "o.k.". I do have a new beta, and she kind of had this beta, but spent most of her time on the last two chapters.

Chapter 2: Chapter Two: A Former Headmaster
For the life of him, he can't concentrate on what she's saying...

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Classification: Drabble
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Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 909; Read Count: 477; Completed: Yes

Updated: 09/01/2005; Published: 09/01/2005
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
Fine perusal of a teenager's mind in love and in the presence of his love. The mention of Aunt Marge was terrifying. Those two females in the same thought is most disconcerting. Nice dad reference in the end.

Chapter 1: One-shot