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I used to write fanfiction a lot in the mid 1980's-mid-90's, but have been busy doing other creative endeavors since then (including writing magazine articles and a non-fiction book, all published). But Harry Potter caught me in his snare and I just had to write a sixth year fic, which I THOUGHT would be my one HP story. Unfortunately for the rest of my life (writing fanfic takes time away from other things!), "The Refiner's Fire" led to a sequel, "The Time of Destiny," which is complete now (YAY!).  There are 34 chapter of Destiny plus a two-part epilogue and several ficlets that fit into the epilogue now online on my Yahoo group,,, Schnoogle (FictionAlley) and SIYE. "The Refiner's Fire" is complete, 40 chapters long, over 929 pages, 385,645 words(!) and all online now on various sites (the ones mentioned above plus Wizard Tales). "The Time
of Destiny" is 1406 pages long, and totals 572,446 words!  Between them, that's 2335 pages and 958091 words!  I guess I had a lot to say about Harry and his world! 

"The Time of Destiny" won four out of six possible awards in March 2006 on SIYE:  Best Authorl, Best Overall, Best Drama, Best Romance.  COOL!  These are reader-voted awards, so I'm really honored my readers enjoyed the story so much (and that was before it was finished!  It was only up to chapter 33 by then.)

"The Time of Destiny" begins literally minutes after "Refiner's" ends. You'll need to read "Refiner's" first to make sense of "Destiny."

I'd hoped people would approach "Refiner's" with an open mind and enjoy discovering what was happening to the characters as it went along, but so many people are stuck in their "ship" thinking that I'm just giving up and announcing how Refiner's "ships:" Harry/OC at first, then Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione and Remus/Tonks. "Destiny" is H/G, R/H and Remus/Tonks too.

Since finishing Destiny, I've written several ficlets that fit into Destiny's epilogue:  A Fox's Tale, Beginnings, A Very Harry Christmas, On Second Thoughts, and Hedwig's Tale, and a new novel, "Now and Forever," whic covers Harry's first year out of Hogwarts and his wedding to Ginny.  You can find these stories on my Yahoo group (,,, Fictionalley and SIYE.

I now have two completed original fantasy novels, "Star Sons - Dawn of the Two" and a second, still unnamed sequel to "Dawn," both part of the "Star Sons" series.  "Dawn of the Two" was published early in 2008 and the second book will be published probably in early 2009.  You can order my books by going to or and searching for "Lynda Sappington" (that's me).    Info on the novels is at and   

I'm originally from the South, have lived in the Midwest for many years, have been married well over 30 years, have two grown and married children, and am old enough to be a grandparent to the Trio. I'm also a huge fan of Dan Radcliffe, who I believe embodies the Harry of the books perfectly. I hope you enjoy my stories.

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