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Well, I'm 20 years old and I'm writing fan fics to develop my writing style for a BIG project I'm working on (don't ask ;-) ) I like things that focus a lot on canon, but if they don't, I like a more substantial plot and solid characters. I've been a fan of Harry Potter since I read the first book, but when the third book came out...I was HOOKED. So I've been addicted to the Potterverse throughout my whole teenage years. I wrote a really bad (okay, so most of my friends LOVED it...but that's their job, right?) fan fic after GOF came out in my freshman year of highschool. Now I'm a freshman at the University of Michigan (I can tell you this, because there are SOOO many students here!) and I now know a lot more about writing, but I just needs practice. What better way to practice then writing about my favorite boy wizard? Favorite Book: While I love all the books I still have to say that the third book remains my absolute favorite. I mean, that's the book where they introduced Lupin and Sirius! So sexy... My favorite characters are the underdogs. I.E. Lupin, Luna, Neville, and Aberforth. Oh, and I totally love Tonks, she's the perfect compliment to Remus' character. I read HBP and I freaked out. I did a little dance that went something like, "Remus is getting some--" Uh... Er... Well, you get the general idea... I have written a poem that discribes my current Harry Potter status: Crazy little girl with a kettle on her head, Walks around and says she's dead, I know better, she's still whole And not the imprint of a departed soul. Ask me about my mad and crazy Harry Potter theories. I have several. For one, I think I know what Aberforth was doing to the goats. For two, WHO IS DUMBLEDORE'S CONTACT IN ALBANIA???? (See COS for more detail) kittens...very grrr...

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Yes, but... by Aestel [Mid Teens]
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An irreverent, but in-character parody of the MLC where Snape and Tonks show the Wizarding World what they think about arranged marriages.

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