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17yr old female, suffering form the excess of boredom, enduring that lovely thing we call life with minimal enthusiasm… this “lack of enthusiasm” excludes the fanfic world, woohoo! I am the dark, volatile booky that conceals herself beneath a ray of sunshine, and so you all are privileged... you're seeing the real me.

I love the Marauders and you will find most of my fics are in tribute to Padfoot (swoons). Yes, he is my favorite by far. Can you tell? Anyway, School takes up most of my sorry existence, but when I’m not wallowing in my academic woes, you can find me on ffnet. Not afraid to admit my devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, and yes I know about the HP controversy with Christianity. I totally understand you Christians that hate me now, and you atheists that read with indifferent air, I don’t mean to offend anyone. I love you all. =)

Enjoy the reading and God bless! Oh et je parle francais aussi pour les personnes qui voudrais parle avec moi. Je t’aime mes amours... –Ama

Read away, leave reviews (always appreciated those) and just enjoy yourself… the Marauders would want you to ;).


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He was raised to be a proper heir to the 'Most Ancient and Noble House of Black'.  An unexpected turn of events sent him to an unfamiliar territory.  Family foundations shaken, he will have to look within himself to figure out who Sirius Black truly is.

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