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Heylo! This is Sir Fuzzalot= Coolio

I love writing, but only fiction. I hate writing essays. I luff (love) to write poetry, too! I get real moody sometimes, so I write poetry! I would love to give you a sample right here, but this is FANFICTION, not poetry.

One of my teachers told me I should probably have the name 'Dame Fuzzalot' or 'Lady Fuzzalot' because I'm a girl, but phooey, what the hay. Sir Fuzzalot sounds a LOT better, and it makes me sound kinda coolio and unafraid, courageous, confident or whatever. 'Lady Fuzzalot' makes me sound dainty, feminine, elegant. Which would you prefer, courageous, confident; or dainty and feminine? Honestly,
there's no competition.

Aspires to become an author, don't be surprised if you hear the name 'L. Catherine' in the next decade, that's me. That's not really
my real name, mind you. i would put up my real name so you might notice it when i publish my own novel, but i fell kinda uneasy putting up my real name.

I live in the great state of Texas!

Fred and George are my favorite characters, closely followed by Ginny and Ron. Just gotta love them Weasleys!

I'm a new fanfic writer, but i promise you, i'm currently writing reeaaaallllyyy good stories!

Beta-reader: No

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