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Hello! My name is Michael, (Mike-kun). I live in Michigan, twenty minutes south of Detroit. I have my brother-in-law to thank for getting me involved with Harry Potter. Thank you John. I am a big Japanese anime fan, (but I'm over the whole DBZ thing, at least funimation's version:D I am into Japanese-pop, and Japanese-rock, (J-pop and J-rock for short,) and I think Gackt is the best, but he can be a little weird though. Also, I'm a big fan of Star Wars, and I loved the third movie. I may seem weird myself, but I'm one of thoughs people that give anything a try, that's why I am also a Harry Potter fan. I hope to whom ever reads this will give a hauler, ha-ul-er, not howler, I get enough from brother-in-law. Just joking;)

I haven't been able to post anymore The Ones Who Stole his Life for some reason.  I do have it done, and if you are interested on how it finished, check on SIYE under the same name.  Sorry about all this problem. 

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