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It’s strange and slightly disturbing to write about myself like this, please excuse any stumbling adjectives or misplaced descriptions.

So…I live in my head, mostly. At the moment it resides near London, happily enough attached to the rest of me. Soon enough it should be travelling to Southampton indefinitely for the higher lazing experience they call university.

My life is pretty much soundtracked by mew, pure reason revolution, and acoustic ladyland. Aside from music, I love seeing interesting films and of course reading! Favourite films generally include A Never Ending Story and Layer Cake, favourite authors are JKR, Stephen King, and Graham Greene, but those are the condensed versions of those lists! 

I am what is known as slightly Harry Potter obsessive, but I like reading all sorts of books and did before I read those. If I was a Hogwart’s student I’d probably be in Ravenclaw. If I was a gangster in Brighton Rock by Graham Greene...the Boy would probably kill me...

My favourite thing in winter is mocha and thunderstorms. In summer, lemon flavoured ice cream. Or the blue puffo flavour you can get in Italy, and the sea near Gaeta.

I would love to be able to fly without the use of a plane or any other type of contraption but fear I shall remain more like Buddy, ex-incrediboy, than Icarus. But his wings melted and then he drowned, so maybe not?

The best time of day is dawn and twilight. The best seasons are Spring and Autumn. All of these are times of transition, they invite change and extraordinariness. Aside from that, they also (esp. dawn and Autumn) show the most beautiful colours and shades of the world. I enjoy writing poems and short stories but none of them are fanfic (yet) or anywhere near the standard seen here...but it's summer soon and that equals holiday, which means lots of free time, so perhaps. Maybe.

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