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Well, ehm... Hello?


Yes, hello - or hej [hi] as we say here in Denmark, which is where I'm from if any of you should be interested.


My name is Simone. I’m 18 years old and on my second year in the Harry Potter fandom (it's hard to believe it hasn't been longer than that; the only thing convincing me is the newbieness I tend to show now and then).


The ships you’ll most probably find in my stories are same-gender pairings. I am a Harry/Draco shipper when it comes to the male slash department and when it is about femslash I write Pansy/Luna (though other pairings can catch my interest at times – Ginny/Luna being the most beloved of my not-OTP-pairings).


My writing style after I started writing Pansy/Luna is a bit… odd. I abuse italics and parentheses. Some like it, some don’t. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


So, this is what I will tell you for now, but feel free to ask.


Oh, and do look through my stories, mkay? Femslash is not as bad as it sounds :P Or well, does it even sound bad?


~ animimares


PS. I love comments. I adore reviews. Anything to say about my stories; criticism or praise - please write.



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