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My name is Breanna, I am 14 years old and I live in Canada. I love Harry Potter, and have loved it ever since i first read it. Which was in the school year 1999-2000. I have read each book soo many times, My CoS book is falling apart and it starts at page 38 (LoL)... I have no clue were the first part (pg 7-37) went... LoL

Well, I love Harry/Ginny (duh) and Ron/Hermione. They're just so cute together. 'Specially Lily/James too. (Obviously). If Lily/James never happened, we wouldnt have our favorite wizard here to enterain us by kicking Voldy's arse (Sorry, had to say that.) LoL

I have written two one-shots and two chaptered fics. All are completed. I am also currently planning two more, chaptered stories. One which is a Not-so-typical Harry/Ginny story and the other, a 7th year HP story based on canon from HBP.

Sites I'm regestered on: MNFF, HPFF, SIYE,, Phoenix, and WizardTales. All under the username potterfan226 So if you stumble across one of my stories, check them out :D

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